Friday, 30 December 2011

What if We Did a Lila Rose at a Catholic School?

Lila Rose, LiveAction pro-life worker
One of the huge Catholic stories of 2011 was the stunning exposure of the corruption involved in the abortion industry.

Lila Rose, of LiveAction, used some (rather sneaky) tactics in order to expose, among other injustices such as the destruction of the innocent in the womb, Planned Parenthood cover-up of such things as statutory rape and all kinds of shocking unpleasant crimes.

This whole exposure thing is dynamite, you know. So, tell you what. Why not let's strap some a secret camera to a Catholic schoolgirl, send her to Connexions in her local Catholic school and see what Connexions say when she tells the school nurse she's up the duff.

Then, on camera, we'd be able to watch the Connexions staff say, "There, there, love, we don't need to tell mum and dad about this. We'll send you onto the BPAS, right away, we can tell you're upset" or "Here, you go treasure, just take a couple of these pills. Do mum and dad need to know? No, dear, its all confidential."

Yep, that would be dynamite and the Bishops of England and Wales would be thankful that the truth had been exposed for all the World to see.


lying's not cool said...

So let's expose the fact that Catholic schools encourage young people to commit intrinsically immoral actions by ourselves encouraging a young person to commit an intrinsically immoral action?


The Bones said...

Well, that's what Lila Rose did.

This post isn't meant to be serious by the way.

AndrewWS said...

Intrinsically immoral? Hardly. Not absolutely morally unobjectionable, yes, but no more so than a lot of things that the police have to do to uncover criminals.

blondpidge said...

Don't think that it is a bad idea to discover what is going on in Connexions, to ally fears or expose any malpractice but I don't know how one would do this without coercing young people into lies & deceit?

Clare@ BattlementsOfRubies said...

It would be quite easy to do this without "coercing" young people. I imagine that some would be very game for a starring role in a sting operation like this.
Sure, encouraging them to tell a frank lie would be morally problematic, even if the intention was worthy. However, I can't see what the problem would be if a young person was to pose hypothetical questions to a Connexions counsellor.
something along the lines of " what would my options be if I thought I was pregnant/ was about to embark on a sexual relationship/ was in a relationship with an older man and didn't want my parents to know?"
I'd be interested to know what kind of advice would be given in those circs.

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