Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cardinal Burke on Clash of Secularist and Christian Culture: "It's a war"

CNS has a riveting interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke. His Eminence is highly quotable and very articulate as he reviews the first anniversary of his November 2010 elevation to the Sacred College of Cardinals.

In the interview, Cardinal Burke answers questions about the clash of secularist and Christian culture, areas in which the Church in the US faces future persecution, assesses the results of the the Second Vatican Council, the 'New Evangelisation' and the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass...and more.

"The whole euphoria that set in within society – and in the Church itself – was that this was the age of freedom, the age of love, and so, in those years nobody talked anymore about ‘sin,’ this was considered to be negative talk." But since "human nature didn’t actually change," the "lack of attention to discipline and to law" produced a great deal of "bad fruit."  - Cardinal Raymond Burke

 May God continue to inspire and to bless this inspiring Cardinal.

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. said...

This is the first time I have seen the good Cardinal say anything that did not make me wish immediately afterward that he had kept the Eminent Trap firmly Shut.

Even on this occasion, we find that the good Cardinal doesn't actually present an argument, but simply... states things, and expects everyone to agree with him.

Which is fine, when preaching to the converted. When trying to talk to the rather large world outside more trad Catholicism, however, it is a woeful deficiency.

I seem to recall his last foray into moral waters consisted of him condemning various things. Which is fine, but about as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to propaganda fide, even inside the Church.

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