Happy Christmas to All Readers


Ttony said…
And to you too. Go for the Merry as well as the Happy.
Left-footer said…
And a happy, merry, joyful, felicitous, blessed Christmas to you too, and to all your readers.
...and the Blessed.

[..and for what it's worth I don't give tuppence for your 'cred' in the sight of the world...you're bloody wonderful and about the Lord's business...don't worry about tomorrow or the future - do you honestly think God's going to let you go to waste? You are where you are because that's what God wants for whatever ineffable mysterious wonderful reasons..Look at the Christ Child in the manger, gaze at the cross, kneel before the tabernacle - whoever you are and whatever you do - be it and do it for Him! Today is the Day Hope was made manifest...cherish the fact that a thought like that brings tears to your eyes in awe and longing...Love and prayers to all of you down there. Spe Salvi x]