Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

I spotted this on a Catholic dating site.

It was only a matter of time before Catholic Priests started taking advantage of the Bishop's 'nuanced' view of Civil Partnerships.

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Left-footer said…
Er - this is bona fide?
Please tell me that this is a joke
georgem said…
Get on with you.
john-of-hayling said…
Insert Anglo- before Catholic and it is no longer a joke!
Mac McLernon said…
Left-footer and JAMC - did you really have to ask??

Bones, you are very, very naughty - but I like you (and my explosive laughter freaked out the kitties!)
Paul, Bedfordshire said…
I remember two market traders in London took out a civil partnership shortly after they were legalised amid widespread publicity.

Both were single and friends, neither were in a sexual relationship with each other or anyone else. But it meant that they could leave their property/pensions to each other and effectively protect each other in old age.

I suspect it is a wind up but since you are not obliged to be in a sexual relationship to have a civil partnership it is difficult to see a moral objection. In fact it would make a lot of sense.

In fact I would not mind betting that a large proportion of civil partnerships are elderly people who live together but not in a sexual relationship of any sort.

Our bishops should perhaps speak out to press for legislation to correct the iniquity that siblings who live together uniquely cannot take out a civil partnership, so the surviving sibling is are uniquely vulnerable when their brother or sister dies.
Didn't the American bishops try to float the idea of a civil partnership which would allow a situation like the one Paul, Bedfordshire describes: i.e., that non-marital pairs of people could gain certain mutual inheritance rights, etc.? I believe they were attempting to invoke the principle of double effect (perhaps not very appropriately, I don't know) in order to navigate the issue.
Gigi said…
... OK you got me with that! :)
Sorry Lawrence but given the madness in the Church at the moment I really did have to ask