Monday, 12 December 2011

BPAS's Christmas Morning After Pill PR Campaign

There is an excellent blogpost by Caroline Farrow on the BPAS's stunningly reckless drug pushing exercise over Christmas.

'You have to hand it to BPAS. My abhorrence at their latest campaign, cheekily entitled “Santa Comes” is intermingled with jaw-dropping admiration for a very slick PR job, very well done. It seems that BPAS are so concerned by the seasonal spike in unplanned pregnancies, that they are providing a new service which enables women to obtain stockpiles of the morning-after pill in advance of the Christmas festivities, in case of an unforeseen instance of unprotected sex.

Given BPAS’ concern for the needs of women and the awareness that perhaps more women than usual might need to obtain access to emergency contraception, one might think that a charity who claim to have the best interests of women at heart, would open emergency clinics over Christmas. As a charity who are mindful of their costs, after all opening on Boxing Day would entail double-time payments and the cancelling of annual paid leave, the handing out the pill in advance is obviously an infinitely more cost-effective and practical notion.' 

Full article here.


Frederick Oakeley said...

Why be so charitable about the BPAS. They are in the business of sex as a leisure activity. What they do is to clear up physically the mess they have helped to cause.

Phil said...

I see you are commenting on the Rev Mullen DT blog.
Somebody referred to the Harlequin Baby Syndrome which looks terrible on the video clips.
Your replies do not tackle these sorts of issues.
How can a God Who is Love, a Creator, allow this?
Please comment further on the Mullen blog.
Thank you.

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