Becket Film to be Remade in 2012

Becket: "Who knows what's down the road?"
The life of St Thomas Becket is to be remade to reflect a more modern and nuanced age.

In the new version of the tale of the martyrdom of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Becket says of the King's plans that threaten the Church, "Who knows what's down the road?"

The famous excommunication scene of the 1964 classic has been dropped by the makers of the new version because of the lack of nuance involved in excommunication.

Instead, Becket is seen giving an interview with a Canterbury newspaper saying that those not in full support of the King and who question the fidelity of the Bishops to the Holy Faith, "should hold their tongues." The exciting remake of the hit movie is said to be controversial, due to the fact that Becket keeps his life after coming to agree to a partnership of civility with the aggressive King Henry so that Becket's wealth and property can be passed more easily on to his successors without fear of legal repercussions concerning his will.

The new version is set to be released by Eccleston Square Productions in the new year and will be launched by Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero, as part of a new Catholic Voices project aimed at reaching out to a modern age suspicious of the Catholic Church, but which retains an interest in a new vision of Catholic humanism whereby nobody is offended by Her teaching.


umblepie said…
You had me fooled for a moment - but only for a moment!! Happy New Year.
Gigi said…
Really! I was just about to ask you who was set to play St Thomas... :-)