Saturday, 17 December 2011

Five a Day but not on the Liverpool Care Pathway

You go through your whole life being told by the Government to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. They also encourage you to drink lots of water because that's healthy.

Then, when you enter the NHS when you're elderly and dependent on the care of others, the Government's nurse puts the fruit and vegetable bowl out of arms reach and tells you, 'Nah. You don't want that...or water.'

They need to be more consistent. Why do they bother telling us in the first place? Is it just so that we'll be economically viable during our work years or something?


Dilly said...

Oh,Lawrence.So young and yet so cynical. Of course society loves and values retired people - as long as:

a)they are not too decrepit to vote

b) they are still functioning as consumers (able to get out and spend, and/or with sufficient funds for expensive care to boost the Economy).
or, in the last resort
c) they have educated and mouthy advocates to ensure their interests are looked after

Anonymous said...

no one can tell me the liverpool care pathway, is dying with dignity its more like what they did in world war 2 its even worse the war finished in 1945,its all down to saving money and no one can tell me otherwise, i have seen two relatives die sorry murdered before their maker said it was time to go, my wife last year and mother in law, 20 yrs ago, its barbaric.

Anonymous said...

its not just the roman catholic church who are against doctors doing gods work,the times, the mail, the telegraph, thats three national newspapers i am sure its not propaganda, the catholic church i admire it speaks the truth. i cannot praise the catholic religion enough, please put an end to the liverpool care pathway its evil.

Anonymous said...

i am concerned about this liverpool care pathway, i have just read a letter from a prof, patrick pullicino, and he his a prof of clinical neuroscience, he says its dangerous and wrong, with double the amount of patients than was 1 year ago, he has taken patients of it and they are still with us, he states it shoul be abandoned. its frightening.

Anonymous said...

i have just read a letter from prof, patrick pullicino he is a prof in clinical neuroscience he says the liverpool pathway should be abandoned he has taken patients of it and are still with us today. its frightening.

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