Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Asking to be assassinated
If Ron Paul win's Iowa the media will ignore the result and play down the importance of Iowa in the Republican race.

If Ron Paul wins the US Presidential election he'll be dead the following week.


Fortiter Pugnem said…
Ron Paul is definitely better than Barry...but give me Bachmann or especially Santorum. Paul's foreign policy, while seeming good, goes contrary to the history of the US. We have always been involved with other nations and it owuld be disastrous to suddenly end it.
Also, I am not convinced that Paul is prolife. He sort of avoids the issue when he says it is for the states to decide.
Santorum and Bachmann, on the other hand, are uncompromisingly prolife and support the traditional idea of marriage. Paul wants to legalize some drugs as well (I've heard). I believe that is wrong.

Also, Santorum is a traditional Catholic who primarily attends the TLM. He is just what we need right now.
Regardless, I think Lauence is pretty darn close on both of his prophecies. As God wills!