Friday, 16 December 2011

Anti-Catholic Conspiracy

That's all I can put it down to.

So far I've written about 7 or 8 songs and put them on my blog but as yet, none of the national music press has picked up on my music. Oh, how convenient! It begs the question: Why?

Why am I not on the front cover of the NME? Why? Because of anti-Catholicism, that's why.

Why have not calendars been produced with me posing in different costumes in different settings, like on a motorcycle dressed in black leather in March, for each calendar month, or in an Alpine resort in December? Why? Because of anti-Catholicism, that's why. It's the only possible explanation.

Why haven't I been signed to a major record label? Why? Because in the wake of the Second Vatican Council and the 'spirit of Vatican II', the Catholic Faith was so decimated that all the Catholic record labels were closed down. The blame for this should be laid squarely at the feet of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales.

Anyway, in the face of this anti-Catholicism we Catholics console ourselves with the knowledge that happiness lies not in fame, or the cult of celebrity, but in serving Our Lord Jesus Christ, so we spit upon the World and all its vainglorious ambitions.

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Ben Trovato said...

How long will it be before Scout comments: 'Here we go again: persecuted Catholics with their religious paranoia imaging all the world is ganging up against them...' ?

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