Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Search for Truth

The simple truth is that God's response to man's search for Truth is so simple and so true that it can be overlooked entirely. This is because of God's Absolute Humility.

His Absolute Humility will confound our expectations always and everywhere. We always expect God to be like us, not like Himself. When He comes into the World as 'one like us', we still expect Him to be like us and not like Himself.  Now that He has ascended we still imagine He will be like us, but He is not because His 'ways are not our ways' and His 'thoughts not our thoughts'.

We worship Him as the Almighty God and so He is and, yet, He is the Humble One, not us.

Is it not the case that those who seek 'evidence' and 'scientific proof' for God's existence demand to 'see the evidence' because if we were God, that is how we would choose to reveal ourselves?

If we were God, presumably we'd give an amazing light show in the sky with the words 'I am God, worship me please, oh go on' emblazoned across the cosmos, demanding that all humanity worship us this instant because it is in humanity's interest.

So it is that we, just like the wise and prudent of this World, the intellectuals, the academics, the scientists and the empiricists are so often eluded by Him. We ascribe to God's nature those aspects of our own that are not from Him or of Him.

At Christmas, the Truth comes to us as a Baby born in a stable.  The Magi were right to kneel down and adore Him, but would anyone be wrong if they asked Our Lady if they could hold Him in their arms, put their finger in his tiny palm and let Him squeeze it? Our Faith proclaims that God is All-powerful, Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Transcendant. Yet, the same Faith proclaims that it would be no sin to sing the same God lullabies, to wash His nappy, to feed Him, to give Him a kiss on the forehead, to rock Him to sleep or to tell Him a bedtime story.

That is God's Absolute Humility and, in this life, we will always be slightly uncomfortable with it. Because He is All Good and All Pure and Absolute Humility, He can be overlooked by us human beings terribly and tragically and frighteningly easily. The sin, however, still belongs to us. May He bless us and make His face to shine upon us in this holy season.

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