Saturday, 17 December 2011

Is it Only an Onion When We Can Eat it?

In the scientific community, is there any consensus as to what stage of development of the vegetable, it  acquires 'onion status'?

Also, any gardeners out there who go ripping their embryonic onions out of the soil before they are edible?

Isn't it the case that onions are left to develop because onions are wanted, whereas babies are not?

Surely to do such a thing would be to act against nature and ecology. To do such a thing is senseless, but abortion is more senseless, naturally.


Novus Onionists said...

Onion life begins at fertilisation! It is only the secular World's desire to have as much onion sex as possible heedless of the consequences that causes them to deny a young bulb is a fully formed onion. To anyone who has studied Aquinas, the distinction between a 'bulb' (a horrible term used to de-onionise the fully formed onion) and 'onion' is absurd. The onions in Tesco started out as bulbs, so why do botanists continue to use the term 'bulb' when they know full well that onion life begins at propagation?

FrankE said...

Onions are not wanted by me - they're horrible :-)

Physiocrat said...

Do you know your onions?

Gigi said...

Clever little post, that!

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