Job Vacancy at Diocese of Westminster

London, SW1, £25-26k per annum (neg)
Closing Date: 6 January 2012

Diocese of Westminster, Communications dept

The Catholic Diocese of Westminster is home to the Archbishop of Westminster, Westminster Cathedral, over 200 parishes and over 200 schools in London and Hertfordshire and is a registered charity of significant proportions.

We are currently seeking a Media and Publications Officer for the Communications department, which is responsible for managing the internal and external communications of the Catholic Church in Westminster

Based in our central service offices at Archbishop’s House, SW1 the post-holder will help deliver a positive media profile for the Diocese and provide comprehensive support to the Director of Communications in promoting our work through a variety of channels including print, the web and social media.

The successful applicant will possess a background in journalism or PR, have experience of pro-active media relations and of working with social media and e-communications. Relevant experience of writing for and working on the production of publications would also be essential.

S/he must be educated to degree standard or equivalent and possess a good knowledge of all desktop publishing and MS office packages together with excellent communication and organisational skills and a general understanding of the social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Hours of work: 35 hours per week (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

To apply for this position, please visit our website and complete an online application. Please note that electronic applications will be accepted, please email your application to



Patricius said…
Good luck! I hope you get it!
The Bones said…

0% chance.
IanW said…
If it were my diocese I'd be asking pointed questions about the need for two communications specialists, and the cost. It gives the impression of empire-building. Mind you, in that respect it ain't a patch on Ecclestone Square.
georgem said…
Note the ad asks not to send a Catholic Voice, which is a tad unfair seeing as the successful applicant only needs a general understanding of social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
Such a person would be well in tune with the hierarchy.
As for you, leave it alone. You'd need sectioning within the week.
How'd you fancy a jobshare?
The Bones said…
Yes, you and me Paul. It's the dream ticket. There's no way they'd let go of an opportunity like this in hiring two for the price of one.
shadowlands said…
Bones said


0% chance."

It wouldn't hurt to try, fill in the app and get your name on the map!

Mind you, you might not be able to be 'you' then. You would have to use corporate speeeeeeeeeeeek! Your songs would be confiscated for starters. However, the van might get off road parking????
Ttony said…
Do go for it, you two. Please, please, PLEASE!
Catholic Social Researcher said…
Do you even have a degree?
The Bones said…
Yes, my degree is in politics, 2:1 from Liverpool Uni.

Happy new year to you too
Catholic Social Researcher said…
If you couldn't get the job with the latin mass society doing their monthly newsletter, then you're hardly likely to get one with the Archdiocese of Westminster as Press Officer.You're too much of a loose canon for either the traditionalists or 'liberals'!
The Bones said…
That's an interesting assessment!
The Bones said…
There I was thinking I didn't get the jobs at the LMS because there were other candidates more suitable than me!
IanW said…
Catholic Social Researcher wrote:Do you even have a degree?

That's fascinating at so many levels. It speaks volumes for the comfortable, unexamined assumptions of the Tablet tendency (not to mention the look-down-the-nose nastiness with which it is imbued).
I had hoped the vacancy was their need for a Catholic Archbishop!
shadowlands said…
"You're too much of a loose canon for either the traditionalists or 'liberals'!"

A bit like Jesus then, without whom, the job wouldn't exist in the first place!!
The Bones said…
No, Our Lord is definitely more traditional than all of us put together.
Catholic Social Researcher said…
Except lawrence would use the job to pursue his own agendas rather than represent the Diocese Archbishop. Read between the lines Lozza, I'm sure the LMS even thought you'd be a loose canon and too much of a liability.
Gigi said…
I hope you applied for this Laurence??