Evil Tesco

Enough said.


jonty said…
Ok...so it was fine to shop with them when they were just crushing local opposition to new stores and shafting their suppliers?

Selective outrage. I get it.
gemoftheocean said…
'one picture' -- the amazing part is this person is in charge of R&D? How dumb do you have to be to tick off 98% of your base by supporting this 'in-your-face' gay agenda? EVERYONE has to eat, and given Tescos isn't a monopoly and people can take their custom elsewhere, you'd think a HEAD of such a department would go out of their way not to offend anyone. IF they wanted to do something 'nice' for the so-called gay community, they could have done something much more neutral and non-controversial like donating money for AIDS research. Not some bullwhip parade. I hope the guy is removed from his job for his monumental stupidity.
Mike said…
I followed a link to the page where this idiot made his now notorious comments. I discovered that the said comments had been removed. But it’s not so much the comments which need to be removed as the idiot who made them.
Raymond said…
He has been sprouting his gay propaganda for years:

noticed he has removed his sneering video about the Pope :


and another about Christian TV:

Time to write to Tescos and take my custom elsewhere.
Raymond said…
Funny how in his videos he attempts to put the message of tolerance across and how out @Tescos is all about inclusion and diversity....unless you believe in God that is , or a catholic. Scratch below the surface and you see a bigoted, twisted person using his position to distort the truth:


He was against the Pope coming to this country(surprised?) :


(lets say no to Tesco funded sodomy parades)

Christians are vandals :


Religion is a virus, Nick believes :


...and a fan of anti-catholic songs about the pope:

Sorry brother, using the words of the Pope "Who are you to judge the actions of the others?" No one. Sorry. Let God decide for us all. I invite you to cancel this picture: showing a picture of a party (no matter if gay or straight) next to a kid suffering is sin. Don't do it. It doesn't make you look a better son of God. Peace.