UK Allows Real Nazi into UK to Sterilise Drug Addicts, Dawkins Silent

The Telegraph ran a highly disturbing piece on Friday last week. It is indicative of the direction in which our country is taking, perhaps it is the latest installment of a series of events which have made the UK one of the most death-embracing countries in the World. Since the 1967 Abortion Act we have been moving from freedom to tyranny, from being a land where life is respected as sacred to a country which promotes the most vile and brutal policies of Nazi Germany.

And here is the latest evidence of that giant stride towards Hell. Those with even a cursory knowledge of history should not be too surprised that a culture that no longer holds life in the womb as valuable would begin to deny human rights to the rest of its citizens.

The Telegraph reports that drug addicts and their unborn and children yet conceived are now being targetted by those who love death and despise the poor. According to the article...

Addicts are being offered up to £200 cash to be sterilised so they do not give birth to drug dependent children. A controversial American charity is now offering the service to addicts in the UK and has set up a helpline for those interested.

Pro-life campaigners said the offer was "inhuman". Project Prevention claims to have stopped 3,500 drink and drugs addicts from having more children by paying them to be sterilised. It has now received £13,000 from an anonymous British donor to help launch a similar service in the UK. But the campaigner behind the scheme, Barbara Harris, from North Carolina, shrugged off concerns that the money will just be spent on buying more drugs.

And anyone in Britain taking up the offer will still be expected to have the treatment done on the NHS at the taxpayer's expense. Barbara Harris said she has visited drugs agencies in London to discuss the scheme and added: “I’ve got hundreds of emails from people in the UK saying: 'You need to come here, please come over here, we need your help. "We’re going to make this offer to drug addicts, social workers, law enforcement. Anyone who comes in contact with these women can refer addicts to us now we have an 0800 number here in the UK."

She said drug users would have to go to their own GP or hospital to arrange the sterilisation and produce a certificate to prove it had been carried out. She came up with the idea after seeing her own adopted children having to withdraw off crack cocaine after their birth. Anthony Ozimic, of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said: "It is inhuman to seek to eliminate human problems by eliminating humans themselves. Such campaigns should have no place in Britain."

This is the most disturbing article I have seen for a long, long time. I will explain why. My friend George and I were talking about the article. Obviously, we discerned that the woman is a Nazi throwback, but that didn't take much figuring. The reason why it is a disturbing article is because only a pro-life campaigner has spoken up against the move.

Drug addicts are regarded with such contempt in the United Kingdom that very few people will stand up for their rights. It is, potentially, as it was in Germany in the 1930s with the Jews. In drug addicts, the UK has a group derided by the 'respectable' people in society, a people spat upon by many in society, a group rejected by society, a group impoverished and often, it seems, quite deliberately persecuted by those in power. Yet, like with the unborn, again, in what amounts to a disgusting attack on the human rights of swathes of people in the UK, it would appear that only the Catholic Church is speaking up in defense of human life and the rights of those who are among society's most outcast and vulnerable.

Of course those who support what this prize witch is doing will argue that it is a drug addict's 'free choice' whether or not to take the money and get sterilised so that they can't have children who will, obviously, be mini-junkies screaming for crack after their first breath. But, of course, it is not such a 'free choice' when you are addicted to a powerful narcotic which has a grip over your very existence. You watch! It's heroin addicts now, but how long before smokers are offered a week in Lanzarote if they get their baby-making tubes snipped!? Secondly, but no less importantly; what a dangerous woman this lady is to women and their 'reproductive rights'! For, who knows, perhaps someone, you know, could be a drug addict and then, who knows, could, maybe, after a while, not be a drug addict, after, say, good treatment and compassionate care!

We should be asking our wretched Government some very serious questions about this eugenicist who puts even Dr Death himself, Philip Nitzchke, in a good light. Why is this woman being allowed into the country? Why hasn't she been told by the Government that she is a 'dangerous extremist', a danger to vulnerable women and men, who should be told, at the UK border, that her vile eugenics beliefs are not welcome in this country in which people are still free to have children?!

Richard Dawkins may desire to arrest Pope Benedict XVI for a list of non-existent crimes against humanity, but will he go to the media and condemn this woman's actions, her beliefs and her assault on the dignity, fertility and fundamental, inviolable human rights of those men and women who are struggling with addiction in the UK? No! Of course, he won't! But then, being a 'survival of the fittest' kind of a guy, as well as being a now patently absurd megalomaniac (Historically, they tend to hate the Pope, ideological megalomaniacs) and near constant publicity seeker, it is highly unlikely that the man for whom 'the selfish gene' is not only a component in human DNA, but an altogether favourable lifestyle choice would dream of standing up in defense of any human life he most probably deems to be 'unproductive'.

Heaven's above! He's still banging on about our so called 'Nazi Pope' and then when a real life, fully paid up re-incarnation of Marie Stopes, who's so in love with the Third Reich that she may as well have 'I love Hitler' tattoed on her forehead with a copy of 'Mein Kampf' under her arm, shows up at our very border, you can bet he's got little or nothing to say to her! Still, neither did HM Customs, it would seem. I suspect Dawkins quite admires her for her 'rationalism' and rampantly obsessional interest in good genetic 'stock'. If anyone should be arrested at our border, its the Queen Bitch of North Carolina, spreading her satanic 1920s social darwinist propaganda from the USA to the UK and doubtless beyond!

I wonder who her anonymous donor is. This is, of course, the kind of story by which Daily Mail readers will be absolutely delighted, but that doesn't stop it from being horrifying and totally deplorable, TV-through-the- window-smashingly objectionable and downright, abjectly and repugnantly evil. Sadly, this country will probably welcome somebody like her with open arms while calling for the Pope to be arrested for wearing too much white and refusing to take off his crucifix. That is the way this country is headed. I sometimes wonder whether this country is deliberately showing the rest of the World the opposite of mercy, so that others may learn to cherish and practise the virtue most highly esteemd by God Himself. That can be the only explanation...

St George, Patron of England, Pray for us


Physiocrat said…
Of course this is disgusting but it is also a very bad thing for children to be brought up by parents who are addicted and involved in substance abuse. Even smoking is not harmless when there are young children around. I was constantly off-school and ill with chest trouble because my father smoked like a chimney.

It is also the case that addiction itself makes people poor and ultimately, there is an element of choice in this. Nobody is forced to be an addict and some people decide to give it up.
Anonymous said…
Some people are also simply bad parents. I'm sympathetic to those who have had their lives blighted by governmental interference, but really, it is necessary to accept that a child's best interests are not necessarily served by being kept with his/her parents
So you'd like to sterilise them?