Thursday, 1 April 2010

Catholic Herald Publishes Pope Benedict XVI 'Media Maze' Guide

In the heat of the moment, sensational stories concerning the Holy Father's non-role in the abuse scandal can appear perplexing.

In what amounted to a sudden, intense, and nasty bout of media eczema that spread like wildfire across the World, leaving everyone who read the vile news stories feeling irritated, vexed and some sleepless, it has been a somewhat overwhelming couple of weeks.

Now, we are entering the final stage of Lent and the media usually enter into a period of calm at this time, allowing the Holy Father to actually speak in his Easter message for example.

Kindly and diligently, The Catholic Herald, has published a guide through the media maze of articles full of half-truths and spin that has contributed to the most difficult month of Pope Benedict XVI's reign as Pontiff. It is very helpful, very worth reading and should be spread as far across the globe as possible! Read it here.

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