Thursday, 29 April 2010

Abortion Survival Baby is Most Read Telegraph Article, Columnists Silent

The tragic and appalling death of a baby boy who survived an abortion, after an alarm had been raised that he moving is the most read story on The Telegraph website.

Yet, none of the columnists or bloggers are touching this story. I hope that at least one of the Catholic writers there will post on it. No surprises here, but I don't think either the BBC or The Guardian will touch this story with a bargepole, or even report it.

Commenters from the public on the Daily Mail site are largely aghast at how this could happen. The fact of the matter is that this happens quite a lot. Babies are left on shelves to die. There should be a full parliamentary investigation into the scandal of abortion in the UK and in every European country, but, of course, that is highly unlikely. There is too much money at stake now for politicans to change the law.

To the right is a picture of a baby born at 22 weeks who survived not an abortion, but premature birth, with adequate medical care and attention.You can see for yourselves, then, what the baby boy who was left to die will have looked like.

This story has gone global and you have to give some credit to the mainstream media for at least picking up on it and letting it run, because for years now horror stories concerning abortion have not made any mileage and, let's face it, there are plenty of horror stories concerning abortion out there, primarily because there are millions of abortions taking place every year worldwide. Every abortion is a horror story. Every abortion is a crime against the child.

Click here for an even more in-depth account by Zenit News Agency of the shameful and outrageous true story shameful concerning the scandalous neglect of a baby whose only 'fault' it appears, was that he had 'two malformations, in his palate and lip'. This baby, it appears, was aborted for 'cosmetic reasons'. What has become of Italy!? St Catherine of Siena, pray for us!


Ludolphus said...

I don't have a blog but I have mnetioned this terrible story on "Holy Smoke".


Simon Cotton said...

It has been featured on and also on Fr Giles Pinnock's Twitter (One TimothyFour's Tweets)

pelerin said...

What a tragic story - I was in the middle of reading it when there was a knock on the door. It was a representative from the Green party asking me whether I was going to vote for them. After having ruled out voting for any of the 3 main parties I decided yesterday to email the Green candidate asking her what her views on human rights for the unborn were. (She appears to be strong on 'human rights' for all sorts of factions.) Having received her reply I learnt that she did not consider the unborn to have human rights (not her words but that was the jist of her letter) I then decided I could not vote for her either and emailed her accordingly.

I don't have your skills but I explained my reasons to the lady at the door and mentioned the little boy in the report. She appeared not to have heard about this. When I told her that the reason for that particular abortion was a cleft palate and hare lip - abnormalities which are easily corrected by surgery - she actually said with feeling 'people seem to be after perfection now don't they'.

The lady did try and persuade me to vote at least for someone and mentioned the suffragettes who bravely fought for us women to have the vote. But (sorry Emily Pankhurst et al) this time my voting papers will not be sent.

Ludolphus said...

From the front page just now:

Hot headline searches on Bing

Latest news from around the web
Poll names greatest movie sequel of all time
Giant oil spill 'five times worse than thought'
Man stabs 28 children in China nursery attack
SeaWorld killer whale 'caught trainer's hair'

Baby boy survives for two days after abortion

--this story is the 5th most "popular" story on Bing.

Ludolphus.. said...

A google search of pages in the UK for the following search-term:

"Baby boy survives for two days after abortion"

reveals only 2 Catholic sites have mentioned this story (I looked at the first fifty results).

Strange you're not there - perhaps you need some SEO?

Why are other Catholic sites ignoring this story?

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