Monday, 19 April 2010

Election 2010...Burning Questions

If the right to life of the unborn child is not respected, are anybody's rights to live truly respected?

If the right to life of the elderly and infirm is under attack, is not your right to life under attack?

If the right to freedom for the Poor is under attack, if the Poor are persecuted, are you not persecuted, are you not under attack?

If the rights of the homeless are not respected, are your rights really respected?

If the rights of drug addicts are not respected, are your rights respected? If their innate dignity is not respected, is your innate dignity respected?

If the right to religious liberty is under attack, is not your right to liberty itself under attack?

You are lucky to be alive today. I am lucky to be alive today. Were it not for the Providence of the Eternal Father, even the Son of God Himself could say He was lucky to have escaped Herod's attack upon His Life.Where would we be if the God the Eternal Father had not provided for the Flight into Egypt?

Only the Catholic Church and mainstream Christianity stands up for the rights of all human beings today. The right to life is the bedrock of society, the singular right upon which stand all others, since without the right to life, we could not argue for it, nor against it, since many more of us would not be here to do so.

Without this right being respected and cherished, all others, including yours, and mine, are under threat, since it is the erosion of this right which has, over time, diminished, debased and sullied all others.

Therefore, don't vote for Nick Clegg, since he does not believe in the right to life. Don't vote for Gordon Brown, since he does not believe in the right to life. Don't vote for David Cameron, since he does not vote for the right to life.

Instead, change their minds and let them know that until any or all of these men believe in the right to life, your rights are not protected nor are those who are yet to come into this World.

Since if these leaders cannot respect the rights of the unborn child, the innocent human being, still defenseless, dependent upon our mercy, what guarantee do you have that they will respect yours or those of your family, your friends, your brothers and sisters. These political parties are dependent upon us for our vote. In turn, we are dependent upon good Government for our rights to be respected and upheld. How can we expect our rights to be respected and upheld, if those of the most vulnerable in society, the most defenseless, are trampled upon?

If you can vote for a Pro-Life candidate then do so. If not, tell your prospective candidates who now seek your vote, that in your sacred Conscience, you cannot vote for them, until they demonstrate that they respect your rights, your children's rights and the rights of the unborn child and many others.

Christianity has a voice if it is united. Use it. Vote with your Conscience.

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Patrick B said...

Unfortunately in my constituency the pro-life candidate is affiliated with Jim Dowson, a vehement pro-life bigot with ties to the BNP.
He currently runs the Precious Life Scotland and the UK LifeLeague, and used to head up the Youth Defence League in Ireland. I remember a few hairy instances where their thuggish supporters stormed clinics and tried to forcibly remove women. So, as it stands, I will not be supporting this candidate, or any other candidate who relies on violence, shaming, bullying, and retrograde thuggery to push his opinions on to others, and I will be prepared to take a stand against those that do.

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