Edifying Reggae with Desmond Dekker

I have a Desmond Dekker CD in my car, the man who came up with the 'Israelites' song that got used in a 'Vitalite' margarine advert in the late 80s. Genius musician and great voice. Great music for driving around Brighton to with a giant bag of garden refuse on the back seat that smells like crap. Highly recommended!


Brilliant - thanks for sharing these (I'm one of those people who only knows 'Israelites'...)
I love desmond Dekker, but I'd forgotten about him. Thanks for the reminder.
I thought you were older than you are because of your musical tastes ( I love the Smiths!). But I think people who like music move across the eras.
My older sons have everything in their ipod from Johhny Cash to Kanye West to the Dubliners.

When I was at school I was more familiar with my parents music than what was in the charts, and when I left school I stated following small bands at venues like the Mean Fidler in Harlesden and the George Robey in Finsbury Park. That's where I first saw the Pogues ( in 1983, eek!)
Billy Bragg and Hank Wangford were regulars at the Mean Fiddler, as were Terry and Gerry, The Boothill Foot Tappers, The Men They Couldn't Hang...happy days!