Musical Corner

Well, my musical corner is now well catered for. I have the 12-string guitar after a month of paying it off in installments. I have a keyboard, a mic stand and mic, an egg shaker, a tambourine and an amp. I even have an Elvis mirror which means that it doesn't matter what or who you look like when you look at it, it is always Elvis.

I have recording equipment called Audacity which is free off the internet, on my computer. The stage is set for the production of one of the greatest albums of all time. All I need now, is talent and musical genius...

George and I have recorded a version of 'Gentle on My Mind' by Glen Campbell and its not bad for a first bash as well as a less impressive version of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'.

I'm gathering a motley crew of men and women for a new band to take Brighton by storm this Summer. George and I, for the time being have settled on 'Mary's Band'. I'd wanted the band to be called 'The Poverellos' but George didn't like it and he went off 'The Homeless Band' as well, which was originally his idea. Then it was going to be 'Mary's Army' but George prefers the symbolism of 'Band' because it is also symbolic of a wedding ring. I'm in the process of starting a Myspace site for our covers band, plus any new material we come up with. So, 'Mary's Band' it is...Now we've got the name sorted out, we need material.

George and I are still working on the production of 'Where's My Horse?', which is strangely reminiscent of 'My Lovely Horse' from Father Ted. I see from this poster that The Smiths Indeed, one of the UK's finest Smiths covers bands, are to play Brighton's Komedia again, on 30th April. I saw them last year and they were very, Indeed.