Did the Foreign Office 'Cover Up' the 'Papal Abuse' Document'?

It certainly seems to have 'covered up' for the Papal abusers. Instead of sacking them for cocking up a diplomatic visit by another Head of State, they've 'transferred them to other duties'.

Oh boy! This is priceless! Could this be a real 'Papal abuse' cover up?!

The Vatican and the Government have been trying to dampen down this story. The Foreign Office, however, haven't helped matters, inflaming the Vatican by insisting that the guilty party concerned in what amounts to yet another 'dodgy dossier' scandal, has been moved on, not to the dole queue, no, but to a different role, presumably in the same department.  Oh dear!

Talk about moving Papal abusers around rather than handing them over to the relevant bodies! I'll bet that Harriet Harman wants to ring the poor lad's neck, because we know that if there is one thing that lady cannot stand it is prejudice, discrimination and a lack of respect for equality and diversity! Go get him Harriet! I'll bet she's chomping at the bit!

Gerald Warner's take on the scandal is rather a good read as well, examining the difference standards practised during the case of the nurse wearing a Cross and the Christian hoteliers asking couples politely for sodomy not to practised on their premises, with the pretty light punishment of Government workers who grossly insult the leader of the World's 1 billion Catholics, along with millions of Catholics (we shouldn't pretend all Catholics are offended) to whom he is St Peter's Successor and Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth. The whole debacle does make a total mockery of Labour's 'Equality and Human Rights Commission' nonsense, which, is good, because, well, it always was nonsense.

What is it with new Labour and 'dodgy', or should I say, "sexed-up" dossiers? This seems to be something of a habit and the latest one, like the last one, funnily enough, was full of lies and was a bit of a joke as well. Could this be the same department that came up with the grounds for the Iraq War? It sure bears the hallmarks!

The Telegraph reports that...

'One highly-placed source in the Vatican said: “This could have very severe repercussions and is embarrassing for the British government - one has to question whether the action taken is enough. “It is disgusting. Britain’s ambassador to the Holy See has been in to see the Secretary of State and explain what happened and this will all be relayed to the Pope. It’s even possible the trip could be cancelled as this matter is hugely offensive.” 

Cardinal Renato Martino, the former head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said: “The British government has invited the Pope as its guest and he should be treated with respect. To make a mockery of his beliefs and the beliefs of millions of Catholics not just in Britain but across the world is very offensive indeed.”'

I doubt very much whether this will end up in the cancellation of the Papal Visit. Hopefully, this fiasco will encourage the Government to bend over backwards in aiding the visit of the Holy Father and force it to apologise profusely for ever having allowed the Abortion Bill of 1967 to have been enshrined into British law, along with its ludicrous 'equality' legislation and murderous Human Embryology and Fertilisation Act, appalling results of which are now coming in. You can bet that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, now the British Government will work day and night, desperate to ensure that the Papal Visit is both a diplomatic and profound success of historic proportions and welcome Pope Benedict XVI and the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ with open arms.

Hang on...News just in from The Times...A headline you will not believe! Holy Father! No! Don't do it!

'Pope declares War on Britain: Swiss Guard Posted to Dieppe - Troops Could get to Newhaven by Tuesday'. 

I don't know. Sigh. If only...Come, Holy Father, and liberate this land from the tyranny of atheism!


pelerin said…
'Pope declares war on Britain?' I like a comment I saw on another site asking whether the Pope might decide to attack us with nuclear tipped candles!
Lily said…
The Catholics in England and Scotland need to overwhelm the Pope with their love and support, when he comes.
Crux Fidelis said…
To me the most (and perhaps only) offensive thing about the whole silly business is how anyone, no matter their stance on the subject, could make light of the tragedy of abortion.
Anonymous said…
Crux, I agree with you that that was the most offensive part, without which the offensiveness of this whole thing might by far have been overwhelmed by its juvenile silliness to contain its own proper punishment, i.e. if one cannot ever get past the most pitiful displays of the early adolescent stage of humour, one is really mostly to be pitied. However, when people see fit to joke about the deliberate killing of babies and the efforts of Holy Mother Church to protect them, it really is a step too far.
Anonymous said…
While I realise that the people to whom such a joke could ever seem harmless may not have any real understanding of the fact that the unborn child is a human being, alive and with the same dignity as themselves, one should have been able to expect that most people would at the very least have a level of understanding and sensitivity sufficient to refrain from making light of the subject in this manner. But apparently not.
Crux Fidelis said…
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Crux Fidelis said…
But surely abortion, even among those who support it, is seen as a tragedy by all right thinking people?
Baros said…
Why is it a tragedy?
pip said…
Yeah, I noticed that irony too. Moved to other duties.

Why is abortion a tragedy, Baros? Is not the death of a single innocent human life always a tragedy?