Dear Lovely Readers...

Well, if anyone reads this blog, they must know by now that I'm a budding amateur journalist. I am interested in Catholic news at a national level, of course, but I live in Brighton and am interested in local events, news and people whose lives touch upon some of the most important aspects of the Holy Faith.

My primary motivation for this blog is to defend Holy Mother Church in increasingly secular times. At times I allow my more self-indulgent side to take over, I admit, but I sincerely wish for this blog to bear witness to Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Truth and His One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

By trade I am a gardener and work is picking up gradually. However, I am not able, currently, to afford a digital camcorder which costs £129.00 from Argos in a one-off payment.

The only reason I could buy that 12-string is because I could pay it off in £20 installments weekly because the guy at Badlands Guitars (for all your guitaring needs) is nice. I've got bills to pay and mounting parking fines courtesy of Brighton and Hove City Council to pay off and make no money whatsoever off the back of this blog.

It is with this in mind that I ask whether there are any kind benefactors out there who would consider donating money to me so that I can buy a camcorder for the sole purposes of this blog, so that it may be used to the Glory of God and the interest and joy of the readership of this blog.

What you give to me in terms of money for this purpose will be repaid to you, hopefully, hundredfold, in terms of interesting interviews and, who knows, maybe even music and amateur drama depicting the lives of the Saints.

I would love to interview on camera some of the men and women whose lives and stories have been documented on this blog, as well as people of influence both within the Church, priests and laity, maybe even a Bishop here or there, as well as perhaps challenging some of the men and women of influence outside of the Church, at a local level, on some of the most pressing issues that concern the Catholic Church in the UK today.

My email is if you would like to donate. If you would like to donate anonymously, then you can send a cheque to me, Laurence England, at St Mary Magdalen Church, 55 Upper North Street, Brighton BN1 3FH. I can pick up the money there because I'm the Secretary. The camcorder pictured above is particularly useful because it apparently has a facility with which you can directly upload film to YouTube and then, conveniently, whack it onto the this webpage. Splendid...

May God abundantly bless all the readers of this blog and all Catholic bloggers.


Hestor said…
Turning into another Fr. Z are we?
Yes...300 minutes footage of birds and dinner, probably combined, to come soon.