Thursday, 29 April 2010

I'm in the Pub

I, Laurence, a poor sinner, write as your man in Brighton and urge you, in the name of Christ Jesus, to celebrate St Catherine of Siena's Feast Day by feasting as the Church commands, by drinking some Guinness, smoking some fags and playing some chess, as I am doing.

I write this because I'm the third man in this chess tournament and am therefore redundant, receiving not the attention which my soul, steeped in the unruly and ruinous sin of Pride, feels it deserves. Or, I could just be bored as the game is moving at a snail's pace.

I have spotted a computer in the corner of the pub which is free to use and so, in the name of Christ Jesus, I have used it so that you may know of my whereabouts for no reason whatsoever, save for the vague and fleeting enrichment of your internet reading and my personal entertainment for just five brief minutes.

May news of this evenings conduct edify all readers and encourage them in the celebration of the Feast of St Catherine of Siena, who, were she a Brightonian, would have come here too, probably before she devoted herself wholly to God.

The music, too is edifying, as 'Mother's Little Helper' by Rolling Stones just played on the PA. The pizzas are nice here and the staff supply both chilli oil and garlic oil for those who wish to anoint their pizzas before consuming them to the punters great delight.

May God bless this pub and all who enter herein, as apparently it is managed by a Catholic and gives all its profits to charity, from which charitable endeavours, its name originates.


pelerin said...

Is there really a pub painted pink in Brighton? I can't say I have ever noticed it. Enjoy your Guinness Laurence!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Never heard of this pub, so thanks. Chess? I hope they've got pool, pub quiz and darts, then you can have pub olympics.

The Bones said...

A lot of board games here, including Connect 4, Cluedo and a range of other board games. I will update you as the evening progresses.

Ronan said...

I love Cluedo!

pelerin said...

Just looked up the pub and it does exist! Great game 'Cluedo' - watch out for the candlestick!

The Bones said...

Your reporter here in the Robin Hood has uncovered more. Games include: Backgammon, Downfall, Boggle, Adult Drinking Games (?!), Suduko, Hangman and Kerplunk.

This situation can only leave us wondering: Is there no end to these board games?

Meanwhile, the chess game goes on. I am yet to play and indeed, can't play as I have to get home soon.

The leaders debate has started on the widescreen TV and it looks...yes, it looks like all the party leaders are talking total shite about what they'll do to alleviate the massive budget defecit, the gaping black hole that threatens to engulf not just the UK, but in the wake of the Grecian 2010 crisis, the whole of the 'Euro Zone'.

The Tories are threatening cuts. Clegg says it can't be stopped by minimising paper clips in Whitehall alone. Gordon Brown looks like a man alone in a lake full of hungry piranhas.

One of the chess players has just offered me another half. I've accepted since the defeated opponent, who made the fatal error of bringing his queen out too early, has been forced to concede defeat.

Incredible scenes here, readers.

Ronan said...

Speaking of the election, please vote in my pre-election straw poll!

epsilon said...

Sláinte, a bhuachaill óg!

I've just come back from a Julian Meeting where I was "leader" for the first time and read her letter to Monna Alessa Dei Saracini (as per extracts on my blog today) and the following prayer of Catherine of Siena:

My Nature is Fire
Prayer 12 (XXII)*

In your nature,
eternal Godhead,
I shall come to know my nature.
And what is my nature, boundless love?
It is fire,
because you are nothing but a fire of love.
And you have given humankind
a share in this nature,
for by the fire of love
you created us.
And so with all other people
and every created thing;
you made them out of love.
O ungrateful people!
What nature has your God given you?
His very own nature!
Are you not ashamed to cut yourself off from such a noble thing
through the guilt of deadly sin?
O eternal Trinity,
my sweet love!
You, light,
give us light.
You, wisdom,
give us wisdom.
You, supreme strength,
strengthen us.
Today, eternal God,
let our cloud be dissipated
so that we may perfectly know and follow your Truth
in truth,
with a free and simple heart.
God, come to our assistance!
Lord, make haste to help us!

*Taken from The Prayers of Catherine of Siena. 2nd edition. Suzanne Noffke, OP, translator and editor.
(San Jose.: Authors Choice Press, 2001) (Roman numerals indicate the number of the prayer in
the critical edition of G. Cavallini).

The Bones said...

That's lovely that is.

Antonio said...

Had one too many Laurence?

Richard Collins said...

Oh no.....a pink pub? That just confirms my worst suspicions about Brighton..a hotbed of LGBTs and pinkos.
Have a pint on me Laurence.

The Bones said...

I just want to say, I love you guys.

I'm not at the pub anymore.

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