Mandelson: 'You Might Not Really Be Voting for Gordon Brown'

The Guardian headline today has clearly been fed to them by the Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson.

It reads 'Mandelson: Brown may not be PM for long, even if he wins election'...

You mean, if Labour won the election, we could have the joy of having another Prime Minister for whom we didn't vote?! Crikey! That would make a change!

What is it with Labour and democracy, nowadays they just don't seem to get along at all! I'm beginning to wonder if Mandelson and Brown have made one of those strange 'agreements'. What was the name of that guy who was Prime Minister before Brown who promised he'd hand over the reigns of power after he'd stopped enjoying himself? Hang on, he said something about the hand of history or something and...Nope! It's gone! Oh hang on, I had it on the tip of my tongue! Nope, it's gone again! Well, anyway, Mandelson seems to be suggesting that kind of arrangement could be back on the table. If we voted Labour, I wonder who we'd really be voting for after all...It's a bit like playing that game from the 80s, 'Guess Who?' with voting Labour isn't it?

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown has extended his cold, 'Ruth'-less hands to the Catholic (voting) community and praised the Catholic Church has being the 'conscience' of the country! Oh my! This is too good for satire! His voting record and that of his colleagues shows him and the lousy bunch of sociopaths who comprise his Cabinet are the most anti-Catholic group of individuals since Robespierre and some friends made a bulk order of gigantic 'cheese cutters' to be tested on 'volunteers' from French convents.

Well, obviously, we can agree that the Church is the 'Conscience' of the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to the hot political issues of the day, such as abortion, same-sex civil partnerships, religious freedom, the rights of the Church to teach the Catholic Faith, rather than amoral atheism, to Catholic children, and to give children in the care of its adoption services a mother and a father, 'saviour siblings', human-animal hybrid embryos and my, the list is long, so long. You remember Gordon, all the diabolical crap for which you and your cabal of cronies voted, against the 'Conscience' of the United Kingdom? No? Gosh...You might have a short memory, Prime Minister, but not everyone does! Hopefully the voters you are now assiduously wooing will remember your Governments catalogue of crimes against Conscience in the polling booth in May.