Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Blogs on the Block

I've discovered two new blogs on the block. One is The Noise of the Crusade, an anonymously penned blog by 'Last Knight' which looks like its going to be an interesting and scholarly addition to the Catholic blogosphere. Here's a snippet from what appears to be the first post...

If the dictatorship is of relativism, then the insurgency is one of magisterial intolerance. Does God exist? If so, has he revealed Himself? If so, in what does that revelation consist? These are questions which have objectively correct answers. If God exists “for me” but not in reality, then He does not really exist. We should want to know the truth about this because we are designed for the purpose of hunting it down, which is why Pius XII said that in this way a human wins “enlargement of mind”. We should rebel against the dictatorship of relativism because it aims to deprive man of his right to know his end, the purpose for which he was created, the Truth.

I've also stumbled across Christian Vote Brighton, another anonymously penned blog, seemingly a 'Christian coalition' blog aimed at raising awareness of the centrality of Truth for every Christian voter. The BBC have today done a feature on the Christian Vote and the role it might play in the election.

I expect the influence of the 'Christian Vote' would make a much bigger impact if all Christians (and even all Catholics) truly adhered to the central tenets of Christianity. As it is, I expect that a load of Christians are quite taken by the massive atheist Nick Clegg and his new breed of ideologues.

If the Liberal Democrats were a Hollywood movie, they're election trailer would say, "From the creators of the Abortion Act 1967...a new and thrilling set of policies aimed at ripping the heart and conscience from the nation..."

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