The Mass Sleep Out

According to the Brighton Benefits Campaign...

'Groups all over the country are sleeping out on the night of August 24th to protest at the way bedroom tax and other benefit cuts are threatening the security of people's homes, resulting in mass homelessness.

Bedroom tax is a cut to housing benefit for council and housing association tenants who are living in houses deemed to have "spare" bedrooms, according to inflexible government rules brought in this April.

This month, the introduction of the overall benefit cap will threaten the security of many more people in Brighton and Hove, as their housing benefit will be cut, leaving them unable to pay the very high private rents in the city.'

I'm going to go along and tell them that this leaflet promised me 'The Mass' as well as a 'Sleep Out', so 'Where in the Mass you promised me?' See if there is one in your area of the country and if you're in Brighton this is a good thing to support 'in solidarity' with those whose lives will be negatively affected by the cuts. Your Bishop would approve and so, I'm sure, would Pope Francis.


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