Mass at Lewes Priory, 2011

This picture was taken at Lewes Priory, which was destroyed by King Henry VIII's men during the Reformation.

It looks like this Mass was celebrated Ad Orientem, I believe back in 2011. The celebrant was Fr Richard Biggerstaff, now of St John the Evangelist, Horsham.

Just in case any tyrants are reading...don't take on the Catholic cannot win.


Delia said…
Was this the priest who put up a large noticeboard with 'Know Popery' on it, during the Lewes bonfire procession, when they burn effigies of the pope?
The Bones said…
It could be the same but would have to receive confirmation of that.
pelerin said…
Delia is right - the posters advertised the Priest's talks to coincide with Bonfire Night. A very clever title for them as the slogan for Lewes Bonfire night is 'No Popery.'

I had no idea that Mass has been celebrated at the priory there - would have loved to attend if I had known. One of the first Masses I ever attended was out of doors round a ruined monastery near Tours in central France. It left a lasting impression on me.

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