Sunday, 18 August 2013

St Pius X Ecumenical Initiative Launched in South East England

Hidden side to St Pius X: Advocated controversial 'Balloon Masses' of 1910
Wednesday 21 August will see the first joint celebration between the Catholic Church and the SSPX in Catholic Churches for the Feast of Pope St Pius X.

The liturgical celebrations will be kicking off this week at one Catholic Church in a coastal region of the South - with final touches to the schedule being applied in the days running up to the exciting joint initiative.

So far it is known that hitherto unknown liturgical preferences which developed during St Pius X's pontificate will be a part of the Mass concelebrated by several SSPX priests with Diocesan priests in the region.

The controversial 'balloon Masses' of 1910 are being revived as the ecumenical initiative seeks to build on common ground shared by the SSPX and the post-Concilliar Church.

After the Ad Populum Balloon Mass, with a local schola singing the Gregorian chant in Latin, Catholic priests and faithful will meet and celebrate the Feast in the local community hall, where all present will sign the oath against Modernism. The new oath against Modernism defines modernism as anything that was promoted within the Church between the years 2005 and 2013 that attempted to reconcile the Church with her past.

One local priest, enthusiastic about the initiative said, "I'm really excited about this. Here we see a blending of the two rites of the Church harmonising together in absurd duality, bringing in some of the most dynamic and inflatable aspects of the Novus Ordo, alongside the beauty and ancient timelessness of the Mass of Ages."

The SSPX spokesperson was unavailable for comment, but one regular SSPX churchgoer said, "I never knew that St Pius X - that great defender of the Church from the pernicious heresies of modernism - had revived under his own pontificate the ancient 'balloon Masses' which were part of the early life of the Holy Roman Church, until these liturgical displays of devotion were destroyed amid the turbulent persecution under Diocletian. I think this will really help Catholics and the SSPX to see their relationship in a new light and bring about a greater sense of fraternity and understanding. I'm very wary of 'healing Masses' but a 'helium Mass' sounds like something else altogether."

Updates on this exciting news as they come in.


umblepie said...

For a moment you had me fooled.....! If only... without the balloons of course! We pray for unity in our Church, one Shepherd, one Flock. Amen.

Mummymayhem said...

*sniggers* versus POPulem.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I almost fell for it...very good and amusing, Mr. Bones!
Ah St. Pius X, I wonder what you are thinking as you see how modernism, that synthesis of all heresies,has planted its evil roots in so many Catholic minds and hearts and in the institution of the Church itself?

You were right about everything and it is incredible that so many in the prsent hierarchy are blind to this...

Pray for us all St. Pius X...

NonAngelusSedAnglus said...

Hilarious - although rather sad too. Praying for all to be united in Christ's Church.

Amfortas said...

Your blog needs a humour health warning.

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