Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Join Us on Our Retreat on Sea

'Retreat on Sea': English Catholics set up an offer to rival that of those in the US
With Michael Voris and Fr John Zuhlsdorf of WDTPRS offering a luxury 'Retreat at Sea', a small group of English Catholics, including priests and laity have organised a rival 'Retreat on Sea'.

While Voris and Fr Z take guests on a cruise from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas on cruise liner Royal Princess, the English offer is, I think you will agree, just as exciting and easier on the pocket.

Leaving Newhaven Harbour at 6am, join the 'Retreat on Sea' while fortunate guests who can afford the fee of £39.50 will be able to take in the beautiful coastline of England - as long as they are on the top deck as they leave England - and arrive in sunny Dieppe, France just four hours later. There, in France, guests will be able to buy some cheap cognac and cigarettes, pay a visit to a local Church and enjoy the exciting Saturday market of the beautiful coastal French town.

Stock up on booze and fags at a Dieppe Hypermarket
As well as enjoying a talk from one or two renowned blogging priests on the theme 'Vatican II: Looked Good on Paper', guests will be able to enjoy some of the refreshing drinks available on the Newhaven to Dieppe cruise liner (guests will have to pay extra for them).

Guests can also try some delightful food (you have to pay extra for that too and you might see it again) as well as take time to contemplate the mystery of God on the ocean. Those on retreat will be able to blow out the cobwebs in the spiritual life by going up onto the top deck while travelling on the choppy waters of the English Channel. A packet of playing cards will be available for guests in case they run out of things to do while on the journey.

'Ferry 'cross the mersey': Northern Catholics organise a 'retreat on sea'
Meanwhile, in the North of England, another group of Catholics, supported by Bishop Mark Davies, are also offering their own luxury retreat on sea, with the Bishop of Shrewsbury giving a 15-minute talk on the Restoration of the Liturgy as guests are treated to a retreat upon the iconic ferry that bridges Liverpool to Birkenhead.

Though it is a Catholic initiative, guests will still be treated to 60s Gerry and the Pacemakers hit 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' at the end of the crossing. A spokesperson for the Bishops Conference of England and Wales said, "While the Bishops Conference is not supporting these nautical retreats directly, I think these two boats should be able to hold all the people interested in the Latin Mass, though it is possible that they might all fit on the Liverpool boat, let's be honest."


a****y said...

Do we have to bring our own life
boats? You know, the compact inflatable kind? See ya thar.

FrereRabit said...

This luxury cruise has the advantage of also being a Compostela pilgrimage. In Dieppe you can pop into the parish church of St Jacques de Compostelle and seek out the cleaning lady. She will happily sell you a forged indulgence to say you gave up the journey at Dieppe for health reasons after a dodgy curry on the boat.

David said...

I think I might arrange a Scottosh version on the Largs-Millport ferry which boasts a tremendous selectionof hot pies and alcoholic beverages (OK, they have Tennents Lager).

A reflection will be given by a priest of the Archdiocese of Glasgow on "They may have the faith but we still have the churches (well, the ones that we haven't closed down yet)".

Amfortas said...

Imagine being stuck on a luxury ship with Michael Voris and Fr Z. Let's hope there are enough life boats.

The Bones said...

I enjoy the company of both of them. Have you ever met them? They are both lovely people.

Amfortas said...

I'm sure they're very lovely people.

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