Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy Feast of St Lawrence


Wake Up England said...

I have a statue of St Laurence in my kitchen. He is the patron saint of cooks because he was grilled to death! he is also the patron of a famous hospital specialising in burns in - I think - Paris.

St Laurence pray for us all, and the Church, Amen

Eccles said...

Happy Feast Day, bruvver L. May your blogg never fade.

Donald said...

Happy Feast Day Laurence!!!

I haven't read your blog in a while. I kind of gave up on all blogs, but it always gave me a laugh and something to chew on. I've been going through your autobiography. It's interesting and some parts seem like you've read my mind.

Keep up the good fight and prayers.


Tim said...

Happy Feast Day

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