Garden and Other Statues in Lewes Fleamarket

Is this the statue that will grace my allotment?

I went to Lewes yesterday and popped into a local fleamarket where I discovered a nice range of garden statues and other religious statues. I am looking for a nice statue for the allotment and found a nice St Therese of Lisieux. I guess she will be wanting some kind of roses archway or something at the back of the allotment. There were other statues as well, which are quite reasonably priced. He had more than one St Therese of Lisieux and a couple of statues of Our Lady.

It was so sad to see this statue of St Anthony of Padua without a head for Our Blessed Lord. Is there anything we can do to save this statue and repair it? It has been there since the last time I went into the fleamarket and it really angers and saddens me that the Lord has no Head! I think you will agree with me that something must be done!

Aaaaagggggh!!! Moving swiftly on. More statues here, some nice, some not so nice.

As you can see, there are two nice statues of St Joseph with the Child Jesus, a gigantic magi for a Nativity scene and a huge statue of Our Lady Immaculate. I must confess that I wonder what Our Lady would look like if she were painted. Pretty good, I reckon. The picture is a bit blurry, but she is perfect but for some damage to her fingers. Yet here she is languishing in a fleamarket in Lewes.  Maybe a parish needs a statue of Our Lady out there. I know there are restorers out there who can help to make statues as good as new. Something must be done!


Unknown said…
Any of St Philomena?

Anonymous said…
Is there any way of contacting the fleamarket. Definitely interested!
The Bones said…

The phone number and email details are there.
The Bones said…
Didn't see any St Philomenas, sorry.
Anonymous said…
Its good to see that someone is bothering to sell these, and not "skip" them. While most people will pay what it takes to replace the wiring in their houses for example, and not dream of doing it themselves; the Church has lots of DIY'ers. I Restore religious statues because I feel I was called to it. It takes some skill to do well, and I usually end up putting right what the DIY'ers have attempted, bless 'em. I hope these dears all find good homes.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I restore religious statuary for a living - (as I feel I was called to do so). Sometimes people try to restore these themselves and then I have to put the DIY jobs right ... Its good to see these are being recycled rather than skipped. I hope all these dears find good homes, and get beautiful makeovers. Most of all I hope that they help people to pray.
I spent quite a bit of time studying old architecture and I think my favorite part of the style from history is the gothic gargoyles. Now that I'm designing my home's landscape, I think I want to implement some of the statues that I've studied into the design. I didn't realize that there were so many places to find gargoyle garden statues.

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