Monday, 5 August 2013

Is this Our Lady?

I was in Lewes today and snooped around an antique shop. Is this Our Lady in side profile? If you want it, leave me a comment and I'll call the antique dealer. A snip I think you'll agree.

Not being one to blow half a grand on a painting, I did today buy a silver pendant of St Jude and a St Anthony of Padua snuff box. Amazing what you can find.


Anonymous said...

But do you not take snuff!

Pétrus said...

No such thing as "half a grand" - correct term is a 'monkey'

The picture doesn't strike me as Marian, but London colloquialisms is my field not art.

Patricius said...

"Is this Our Lady?"

I am not sure but my guess is that it is not. It looks to me as if it has been cut down from a larger picture. The figure's gaze is very suggestive of an interaction with another figure to the right. In fact the downward glance and the positioning of the lily would fit very well with a depiction of the angel Gabriel in an "Annunciation"- although this would be a somewhat feminine angel.On the other hand I see no sign of wings so it is something of a puzzle!

The Bones said...




Thanks for the correction.

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