Papal Rio Mass Communion Fiasco

Fr Z today reports on the true extent of the horror that is World Youth Day 2013, otherwise known as What in God's Holy Name Day 2013 or simply World Sacrilege Day 2013.

Everyone seems to lament how the Pentecostal movement in Latin America is taking away Catholics. Why are Catholics leaving the Catholic Church to become Protestants? What is the Church doing wrong? What could it be? They say that belief in the Real Presence is lacking in the Catholic Church, so far, though, we've been trying to figure out why, but to little avail. What could it be?

"Fries with that?": The Holy of Holies distributed from plastic beakers
If any non-Catholics are reading, or to any Catholics who had forgotten, I'd just like to explain, in case you were yet unaware, that the Catholic Church teaches that in Holy Communion we receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ whole and entire, His Body, Soul, Humanity and Divinity.

Here, in the Catholic Church, as you can see, the most Holy of Holies - God Himself, is given to the Faithful. Here, in the Catholic Church, the Blessed Sacrament is treated with great respect. No expense is spared nor labour neglected in ensuring that this most precious of all gifts - God Himself - is treated with the utmost care, reverence, dignity, love and respect.

This is why, at WYD, Brazillians dressed as McDonalds workers give away God in a beaker all under the eyes of the reigning Successor of St Peter. "Francis! Francis!" they chanted, while trampling on Jesus!


Burt said…
Truly outrageous. God have mercy on us.
BJC said…
This happens every time there is a WYD. I wondered when the pictures would appear.
Lynda said…
It is heartbreaking. What's worse is the complete denial of the state of things by the majority of those in positions of authority.
Please, Bones, can you say what exactly you believe this photo to be showing? I can see two young women in yellow tee shirts who are NOT distributing Holy Communion but who seem to be listening to a third young woman who is wearing a green tee shirt, talking to them, and holding two plastic cups. The man in white in the foreground I take to be a priest (but I might be wrong) and he seems to be more interested in the conversation between the three young women than in the Holy Communion which he is presumably distributing.
This is not an ideal setting for receiving Our Lord, I agree, but what evidence is there for your caption 'Holy of Holies served in a plastic beaker'?
Andrew rex said…
The logistics of getting holy communion to 3 million people isn't easy. Are you sure this photo is actually after the Eucharistic prayer because I believe the hosts were consecrated in situ with the concelebrating priests holding the communion dish at various stations along the beach.
Genty said…
Forget the women. Picture 3 is clear enough.
Elizabeth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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