Thursday, 15 August 2013

Burning Churches in Egypt

Amid the civil unrest and violence in Egypt, are the mainstream media ignoring the burning of Churches by Islamists taking place at this moment in Egypt?

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Mother of Christians, Mother assumed body and soul into Heaven, pray for the Christians of Egypt.


Genty said...

There's a sure way of getting it reported. That's for the Muslim Council of Great Britain to condemn the violence and destruction. Hold the front page. I'm afraid that's as likely as the Catholic hierarchy putting their heads above the parapet.
Where's the Pope when you need him?

Andrew said...

As the Russians used to say about their own media:

'There is no truth in News, and there is no news in Truth.'

Steve Browning said...

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, the Bishops,
Priests and Faithful are all in solidarity with
our suffering Brothers and Sisters in Egypt;
we are all members of the Body of Christ;
and, continually pray for peace for the
Christians in Egypt.

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