Monday, 3 June 2013

So Clever, So Intelligent, So Persuasive

Well, I listened quite steadfastly to some of the debating in the House of Lords today. Overall it was quite depressing.

Lord Dear's address was pretty convincing - damning even - of the legislation. In any previous age you would be hard pushed to find anyone to disagree with it.

'Let's not redefine marriage, think of the children and the future. This is a bad law that will ruin marriage, the family and see conscientious objectors sacked,' was the general thrust. It really should be as simple as that, right?

Sad, though, to see Satan working so fast and effectively through the elderly as well as the young with really very clever, intelligent and persuasive arguments. There did not appear to be many 'Bishops' in the House of Lords ready to cry out, 'Get thee behind me, Satan!' I'm not sure today's Anglican Bishops believe in him anymore. Did they ever?

What a cunning old serpent he is, Old Nick. Again, the saucy love of homosexual couples which hitherto could not speak its name but now never pipes down for a moment predominated the discussion, but again, just as in the House of Commons, children were not really discussed. Why? Who cares about them? We're here to talk about the rights of the gays and lesbians! That's all that matters surely! Nobody wants to talk about children and what this country is going to be like for children in families growing up in this post-Christian, overly-sexualised and homosexualised culture. In such matters he appeals to the good side of human nature, yet twists it so that we end up endorsing sin and evil, death and destruction, depravity and ultimately, despair and the loss of God. I'm pretty sure the Devil could sell more or less anything to today's politicians - child murder even. Oh, no, wait, he already did that in the 1960s with the Abortion Act.

I think we should be honest and admit that the arguments for 'same-sex marriage' are seductive because they appeal to a version of 'love' or a feeling of 'love' that has replaced what hitherto generations that preceded ours believed 'love' was. Real love is dead - Christian love is dead - not in reality, of course, but in the minds of the populace and the popular imagination. It is our responsibility - an awesome responsibility - as Catholics, to awaken within the nations the Christian vision of love in all its beauty.

'Equal love', 'equal marriage', 'equal this', 'equal that'. So clever, so intelligent, so persuasive - how could anyone not be convinced by it even if the slogans are pretty vapid and empty? You've got to hand it to him. Now anyone who disagrees with this is laughed out of town as some kind of medieval leper. He's nearly got this country sewn up. Just keep them talking about 'equal love', 'equality', how far the LGBT community has come from criminalisation to freedom and help them to forget about the consequences - the real, actual, concrete consequences for society. The destruction of the human language, the terrifyingly vast array of laws that will be changed with the 'knock on' effect, the impact on children and their education, the possible recruiting of children into the gay lifestyle, the abuse of childhood and its innocence and purity, the persecution of those who don't agree with the new definition, the removal of adherents of traditional marriage from the public sphere. All of these matters and many, many more are seductively removed or airbrushed in the debates on 'same-sex marriage' in the name of the new religion (a religion adopted even by Anglican 'Bishops').

The irony, of course, is that the reason the Devil was cast out of Heaven was because he sought one thing with the Almighty and Ever Living God. What was that one thing he sought with God?


St Michael says, 'Bad choice, for who is like unto God?'

So sad that so many are signing up to the Devil's religion, including the Houses of Parliament, who believe they can change what God has ordained from the beginning. 

And how laughable it is to hear the House of Lords talking about 'equality'. If there were any 'equality' in this world, we'd all be born into great privilege, own a massive house in the country with lots of bedrooms, have an impressive title and never have to work a day in our lives.

Instead, people with one spare box bedroom in which they keep a vacuum cleaner and some other stuff are evicted from their property when they cannot find the money from their benefits to pay the dreaded 'Bedroom Tax' causing some to be made homeless and others to kill themselves in dread of the prospect of the street.

Equality? Yes, very clever. Let's make sure that in the minds of the public the word 'equality' henceforth means you can have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want, because sex is free, you can marry whoever you want and it would be really quite preferable if you didn't have children. God forbid anyone should think of economic and social justice.


pelerin said...

'Equal this' and 'equal that' - quite honestly I am sick of hearing about so called equality. As someone famously said 'We are all individuals' but we are not equal.

Yes if we were all equal then we would all be entitled to go to the House of Lords and claim £300 per day for attendance!

In today's Daily Mail there is news that a non-churchgoer is complaining that churchgoers are allowed to park free in Woking on a Sunday so that they can attend their churches whereas he has to pay £3. The complainant bleats that this is contravening the Equality Act. You couldn't make it up!

Delia said...

Well said, and yes, really depressing. I thought the Anglican bishop of Exeter did well, though.

aly said...

Take God out of education and you will have many clever devils.
Duke of Wellington .

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