Thursday, 13 June 2013

I've Got an Allotment

Yes! I waited three years and now I've got one.

I hope one day my allotment looks like this. At the moment, it looks nothing like this.

What shall I sow first, apart from love? I may set up a special allotment blog so that green-fingered readers can keep up to date with what I hope will become a thing of great beauty.

It will need a shed of course. Every man needs a shed.


Delia said...

How exciting! For a decorative start, you could plant a John Paul II clematis over the fence/hedge. I got one at B&Q last year. Nothing much happened then, but now it seems to be shooting up.

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy wheelbarrow seeds?

P Standforth said...

Leeks. Easy, robust plants, and many uses in cooking. We have leek soup once a week, takes less than 30 mins, filling, delicious and satisfying meal. I'd love to be able to use homegrown leeks.

Fr. Stephen Brown said...

Potatoes - good for the soil! Every man needs a shed, and a pipe!

Genty said...

I've got three spare runner bean plants, plus bamboo poles for a wigwam, if you'd like. And I'm local. It's not too late to get a few tomato plants in. But I expect the old-timers at the allotment will let you know what's do-able.
You might even find an unwanted shed at freecycle!

Zephyrinus said...

"Leutgeb", at the Blog, "Bara Brith", will be a mine of information on Allotments. Once an Allotmenter, always an Allotmenter.

As for Eccles' query, reference "Wheelbarrow Seeds", I can supply bags of them.

Ask him to send a cheque, made out to "The Blackfen Minor Basilica Fund", and Wheelbarrow Seeds will follow.


Seaneinn said...

Congratulations I have one as well a great escape to some solitude

aly said...

Congratulations! Wonderful. Keep us
posted. For us it will be very enjoyable. Hope very much it will
be for you who has to do the work.
I think it will prosper.

aly said...

Bruvv, God will provide. He
doesn't really approve of Monsantos
He doesn't think they even deserve
their name.

Lynda said...

That's great! You'll be feeding half the parish by next year!

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