Oh Dear...

The fight for marriage goes on. And there were we looking to the elderly for wise and independent counsel.

Shall we start camping in sleeping bags and tents and holding vigil outside Buckingham Palace with candles, holding banners of Our Lady and praying our Rosaries and offering flowers to the Queen now or leave it a few weeks?

Done well and advertised well we could make a real impact. And get arrested of course. International news no less. Oh, Archbishop Vincent Nichols would be delighted. His Grace would be so proud of us!

It could be a kind of ecumenical gathering of loads of people who disagree with 'same-sex marriage' - those who support real marriage - camped outside Buckingham Palace holding round the clock prayer vigils for the Queen.

She needs to know that, having celebrated the anniversary of her Coronation, we support her reign in its Christian ideals. She needs to know she has our support but that Parliament does not.

I really don't want to live in a country in which children are taught about homosexual sexual practices in schools and teachers are sacked for being true to their consciences.

Buckingham Palace saw a lot of flowers when Princess Diana died. It needs a tsunami of prayers ascending to Heaven for it now. An attack on marriage of this magnitude is an attack on the Monarchy itself.

Now that's what I call great liturgy.


Lynda said…
Yes, the people of Britain need to protest en masse - comme les Francais.
Student in France said…
A secular vigil movement, the Veilleurs, has taken off like wildfire in France, and they have been successful enough to be arrested:

Wake up England said…
UM, ER, dear Bones,

Why do you think it's great liturgy?

looks like a Protestant Coronation of a Protestant Queen in a once-Catholic abbey.

What's so great about it?
The Bones said…

Nice vestments though.
jonty said…
It may have escaped your attention but the people of England, for the most part, don't care.
Patricius said…
Wake up England,

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was the only recogniseably Catholic Coronation service of the 20th century, and is likely to have been the very last in the history of Monarchy. The essentials of the Rite go back largely unchanged to the time of St Dunstan.

And anyway, the standard of liturgy celebrated in the ''once-Catholic'' Abbey is far higher than that celebrated down the road near Victoria station. At least in the Abbey they celebrate ad orientem!
Patricius said…
I disagree strongly with the comment of the other Patricius above with respect to the liturgy in Westminster Cathedral. There can be few places where the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite is celebrated with such reverence and beauty as I have repeatedly encountered there.

As for Westminster Abbey the other day I grant there was some very fine singing- and a fair bit of posturing by lady vicars in copes.