Thursday, 6 June 2013

Go, Alex, Go!

'Without justice - what is the State but a band of robbers?' - St Augustine

That was the BBC, covering Alex Jones. Rather it would be better for them to cover Bilderberg.

I am tempted to go to Watford tomorrow with my camcorder. I'd love to meet Alex Jones.


Kris Kelves said...

Probably not worth engaging with you on this but you DO give the Church a bad name and I want to prove (if only to myself) that religion and reason are not incompatible.

Alex Jones. What can I say except the man's a fraud and prays on the weak/gullible. His argument about BG is paper thin and full of holes. Point by point this is the terrifying secret he is uncovering:

1) BG involves lobbying. I don't doubt it, but they don't need to meet at Bilderberg to lobby the government. For instance, the tobacco lobby sponsors Nigel Farage who has stated he will repeal the smoking ban (estimated to be saving 200,000 lives and about 8 billion quid of tax payers' money – but then it is negatively impacting on a few businessmen who make their living from tobacco…). Lobbying those outside of Bilderberg is actually even smarter, since you can get a cheaper access to power. Even Jones can't seriously be claiming the 30 or so secret delegates are the only power brokers on earth.
Lobbying is going on all the time in Washington. Openly and in the public eye. I don't say that's a good thing (it is utterly contemptible), but it does rather weaken the theory that 'the man' holds a once yearly meeting where the objective is to lobby power brokers.

2) They have security. Wait just a minute… If the Pope, the Dalai Lama, the Queen, and Tony Blair all attended a meeting in London, there would be a military style security operation. Why? Duh, because we know what mental fanatics do to get the public's attention – they kill, and usually target high profile meetings. Why does the Pope drive around in a bulletproof car? He's a high profile target for a fanatic. Why aren't you allowed to listen in to the Vatican conclaves and election meetings? Because secret meetings go on all the time, and when you have heads of state and members of the EU meeting, you're also going to have security. What exactly is the problem here? Are you seriously suggesting that any meeting should be public information? You're saying that high-level diplomatic and strategic meetings ought to be public knowledge. Have you ever heard of espionage?

3) Delegates (supposedly) pay low taxes. This is a slightly odd issue for a man who called Obama a 'socialist'/'communist' for proposing to tax the wealthy. Now Jones has flipped positions and claims that NOT taxing the wealthy is a sign of some shady dealings. But wait, is this the best he's got? Really? So the secret 30 go to the trouble of meeting once a year to agree to not pay tax? How does that work? Wouldn't a phone call do? How does 30 people agreeing they won't pay tax translate into policy? Surely the policy requires the huge swathe of indoctrinated capitalists who follow Jones and believe all tax is government theft. He is both inconsistent and making a pathetic accusation that is too lame to justify the paranoia.

4) His 'Come and see the Show' circus master performance. Does he ever say anything without getting angry? Of course he does, when the cameras are off and he's spending the money he makes selling theatre to the gullible. Good examples of his silly showmanship – when he says "I have 'high def' footage" of the meeting (because the high def makes it more believable!) and when he says "they had M25s pointed at me to try to discourage me reporting the truth" (police in Italy carry M25s to protect the Vatican, it's not to discourage reporters).

Kris Kelves said...

5) The 'Proof'... "We have the minutes of Bildrberg, out of the National Archives [corrects himself] given to myself and others". Wait a minute... we have the minutes. In the National Archives. But they were 'given to him' (which implies it was a leak, even though anyone can read them now). OK, so what devilry do they reveal? Nothing. Find some dirt. He gives one quote from Kissinger – that's the best he's found? But he also dodges the question. If the minutes are freely available, then the question is 'what do they actually do that make you say it's a conspiracy?'. He should be able to answer this (as should you) – the information is freely accessible; you will be able to find proof if it exists. But no, he answers a different question in which he pretends the interviewer had alleged the meeting did not exist!

If you're interested in reading the minutes rather than believing a man who says he's read them but isn't prepared to tell you exactly what they say (but he is prepared to insinuate it's really bad), then YOU TOO can read them. HERE:

You can read ALL of them. Enjoy!

6) The Delegates. This one had me laughing out loud. "We know there are some powerful people in this meeting … Queen Beatrix of the Netherland is in there". Whoah!!!! Say whaaaat? Yes, the Queen of a small social democracy that has almost no army and one of the most transparent political systems on earth is implicated in this. (Rolls eyes) 'so the Dutch are involved in this too?'

7) The Pope attended. If any of this is even vaguely true then the Vatican is implicated. They have an (illegal) secret bank that operates with off-shore accounts. Their head honcho attended Bildrberg. Why would he do this do you think? Either it's a standard policy meeting of world leaders (in which religious leaders are also called to give opinions) or it’s a group of 30 in which the Vatican was/is involved in fixing international power. After all, he is the arbiter of morality in Christendom and he didn't come away reporting that the meeting was sinister, did he? Why would he cover it up?

8) The face of power at the end. That terrifying fascist cog of tyranny – a very polite police officer in a high visibility jacket. Just what all totalitarian systems have relied on!

9) The sheer inconsistency of what his theory actually is. It's a conspiracy theory, sure. But it wobbles all over the shop. It's a tax meeting that's also stealing pension funds from the innocent police and using the police to terrorize the citizenry and move capital away from those who rightfully inherited it but also is attended by the Queens of Europe who use the same mechanism to enrich themselves along with the Popes who rely on their patronage to operate their secret bank and pay no tax etc etc etc.

Kris Kelves said...

Oh finally because it's too good to resist: His evidence that the capitalist elite is stealing from the police comes from The Financial Times. Why does he trust the most capitalistic publication on earth and which article exactly is he referring to? I'm sure if the world is as corrupt as he alleges then it wouldn't get published. How powerful are these 30 people that even when the might of the financial industry is opposed to something they still get their own way? That Queen Beatrix! p.s. why, if this is true, is the solution not to overthrow the monarchy and become a Republic? Monarchs are corrupt, yet we bless them in Church. Makes no sense. Unless you're nuts. And gay

The Bones said...

You've now written more on Bilderberg than I ever have.


Kris Kelves said...

A play straight out of the Alex Jones school - just don't bother answering rational objections to a made up story

SzukmV said...

Thanks Bones for raising the BG meeting. No doubt what Alex says may be taken with a pinch of salt, and I don't see you agreeing or disagreeing, but I agree it is suspicious. The little news coverage plays it down and makes fun of the conspiracy theorists.

Which Pope was accused of going and in which year? I would doubt any loyal Catholic has ever been invited.

My own hunch is that some subtle manipulation goes on to get certain agendas promoted, of which I suspect population control is one.

Lynda said...

Nothing but red herrings. Anything but the real issues. The so-called mainstream Media has long ago ceased to investigate and report the truth about matters affecting the publi interest, fundamental human rights and freedoms, national interests and sovereignty being overruled, etc. it's a sham. These people in their different guises are surreptitiously, without a mandate are usurping the powers of legitimate governments, and acting against the interests of nations, and the rights of man, and all the while the MSM obediently refuses to investigate and report what they are up to, within the context of the Bilderberg Conference, and otherwise. Government Ministers and other elected national politicians are acting in breach of their duty to their national constitutions, to the people they represent, to democracy and the rule of law and ought to be sacked. Selling one's parliamentary or governmental influence to a certain interest pales in comparison to this systematic and global subversion of democracy and the rule of law. MSM has become increasing blatant in its propaganda and refusal to report the biggest crimes involving global banks, etc. and the governments, and international governments that they influence, control. It is clear they pull the strings of the MSM too.

Lynda said...

Now that the MSM can no longer dutifully deny its existence, it moves to convincing its audience that its of no importance (presumably having done an exhaustive indepth investigation and analysis which it fails to mention); and instead of investigating and reporting the critical matters involved, seeks to deflect attention by attempting to make the story about those independent reporters who have done the MSM's job in exposing this particular long-running forum of the cabal. Of course, part of the nefarious power of this globalist group is that they determine what the MSM does - the refusal to report on it until independent Media made it impossible to deny, is an integral part of the story, exemplifying the power of this group. These establishment Media outlehead how great contempt for their customers, the general public.

The Bones said...

Blessed Pope John Paul II attended once.

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