God's Laws

Anglican Michael Nazir-Ali, is worried about the Queen signing the 'same-sex marriage' legislation and thereby failing to uphold 'God's laws'.

Of course, I agree the Queen should uphold the Divine Law, but really, Michael, where were you for the Abortion Act (1967) and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act etc, etc.

You sound like a man who takes religion seriously, Michael. This is not what Anglicanism is about. Anglicanism is about doing what the Government tells you to do. Have you ever thought of becoming a Catholic?

That said, if Her Majesty wants to take her oaths seriously that would be just grand and now would be a great time to do so.


pelerin said…
I did think it odd that the Bishop said that this would be the first time the Queen would fail to uphold God's law. I wondered when someone would comment on this.
P├ętrus said…
Mr Nazir Ali used to be a Catholic I believe.
Andrew rex said…
Out of respect I feel you should refer to him by his proper title eg archbishop or bishop not simply as michael. You demand others respect catholic sensibilities but do not shoe mutual courtesy.
The Bones said…
Null and void.