'Free Vote? Yes...Well, It Depends On Your Definition of Free...'

In order to obtain the definition of 'Free' please refer to the Government's Ministry for Language and Definitions.

According to The Catholic Herald...

'MPs have urged peers to throw out the same-sex marriage Bill on Monday, saying that the free votes in the Commons were a sham. In a joint letter, a group of 15 MPs told members of the House of Lords that although the main parties claimed to have allowed MPs to vote with the consciences in reality pressure was placed on them to vote in favour of the controversial legislation.

The signatories said that MPs were threatened with the ruin of their careers if they opposed Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill. “The main parties announced a free vote but we saw varying degrees of coercion with threats made, for example, to an MP’s future political career or withdrawal of party support at future elections,” said the letter, which was signed by Catholics Edward Leigh, Therese Coffey and Jim Dobbin. “Regrettably, our ability as MPs to oppose, amend or scrutinise this Bill was heavily constrained,” they said.'

Great. Just great. If that is how the consciences of MPs are treated in 'free' votes which are not allegedly 'free' at all, then how does it bode for the consciences of the citizens of the United Kingdom which we are assured will be left 'free' after the legislation comes in? Looks like 'freedom is slavery' after all...This allegation, which if true would be an enormous deceit by the main party political leaders should be front page news. Will it be in the papers?

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