Bilderberg Conference and the Culture of Death

When we talk about the Culture of Death and when we talk about Bilderberg, we are talking about the same thing, since the Culture of Death is funded largely by the architects of Bilderberg.

If we want to talk about abortion, it is impossible to talk about abortion without discussing Bilderberg participants. If we want to talk about artificial contraception, well, it is impossible to talk about this without talking about participants at Bilderberg. If we want to talk about 'same-sex marriage' - a momumental shift in the understanding of marriage and the destruction of family life sought to be implemented on a global scale, it is impossible not to talk about Bilderberg. The (oc)culture of Death is funded and developed by powerful men like David Rockefeller.

That is why this is a Catholic issue. That is why I blog on it. That is why I'm going to Watford. Men like Rockefeller and Soros do not own elected Governments and, even if they do, there is no reason why they should. There is no reason why he should have the ear of Government, but the Church Militant should not.


Lynda said…
Yes, it is just such people and their "philanthropic" funds, and their influence at the UN, etc. that have been funding and organising the non-stop push for abortion in Ireland and many other places. And all Catholics and persons of goodwill ought to be railing against the old cabal behind Bilderberg group and all it represents, has done and is planning to do.
Lynda said…
And the Prime Minister is going to this secret most powerful collusive meeting, which has acted in this particular forum in furtherance of an evil "new world order" for 60 years, attacking basic human rights, freedoms, family rights and integrity and individual and national economic and other interest. This is treasonous; and the whole of Britain should be up in arms about Government and parliamentary members attending. The Government and the police ought to be investigating and charging these people. It ought not be allowed to take place. Instead, the state is facilitating this great ongoing global collusion against the rights of people and national interests, sovereignty and legitimate government. Where is the outcry from the MSM - oh, yes, they are owned and controlled by the cabal. What an upside-down world!!
Hughie said…
I hope you give the Gates of Hell Hell!
Andrew T said…
" The Government and the police ought to be investigating and charging these people. It ought not be allowed to take place."

And when did people meeting in private become a crime, whoever they are?
Lynda said…
You're naïveté is astounding. If you are of average intelligence you will know that these people are usurping the role of legitimate government, subverting human rights and national social and economic interests. What they are doing is not a private matter but of critical public interest. It breaches not only laws, particularly regarding members of government and parliament, but constitutions. And public reps, especially Governmennt members ought never
meet with global monopolistic corporate interests nor international organisations in private - they are not attending as private individuals but in their capacity to change public policies and laws in the UK and at international fora. They are their because of their positions in government, positions of power. This is treason on such a big and powerful scale that they can act egregiously for many, many decades without being prosecuted. Wake up.