Why 'Liberalism' Within the Church is So Dreadful...

Jesus said, "I thirst"
The really terrible thing, you know, about the 'liberal' position on many issues pertaining to the Catholic Faith and the Salvation of Souls is just what a mockery they make of the Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord. All of that dreadful suffering, suffering that we cannot even imagine, only to have those in His Church lead men and women away from Him, rather than to Him.

These individuals, even within the Church, claim that sins such as the use of artificial contraception, homosexual acts and even abortion are not sins and that it is the Church that needs to change Her view. What a mockery those who hold this position make of the saving work of Our Saviour on the Cross.

If we are saying that Our Lord did not die for the active homosexual or for the man and woman using artificial contraception or for the woman who procures an abortion, or the doctor who performs it, then Our Lord most assuredly did not die, either, for the penitent thief who hung beside Him on Good Friday.

If He did not die for the sins of the penitent thief, to whom He promised Paradise, then neither did He die for any other sinner, whether s/he be a murderer or a robber, a adulterer/ess, or an active homosexual. His Death, therefore, let alone His Resurrection, would have been in vain. This is the really very wicked side to the 'liberal' position, more wicked when it is held as belief inside the Church, since what these men and women seek to destroy is the sense of sin. In so doing, they seek to make Our Lord's Birth, Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection and Ascension an irrelevance. Souls are left confused as to the truth. Therefore, because of this deceit, whether it is done knowingly or unknowingly, by 'liberals', Souls are led away from Our Lord Jesus Christ in Whose Cross alone can we have Hope of Salvation.

Those who hold the 'liberal' position on so many issues believe that it is only the Church that they are affecting with their error, but this is far from true. Their words, as well as what they fail to say, affects Souls, Souls who desire to be led to Jesus and they affect Jesus, Who desires Souls to come to Him, as He Himself expressed when, as He hung on the Cross and said, "I thirst". Sin is always a great scandal, but a greater scandal is caused by those that lead Souls not necessarily even into sin, but away from Jesus and His Cross, the God who died for, and loves, Souls.

Imagine these people are asking for Jesus, instead of their salary...

That is what liberals do.


Mark said…
But what if your anti-gay witch-hunt put people off the fiath altogether? What if people came across your blog and said 'you know what, Catholics are mean spirited, unprepared to debate, and prepared to bully anyone who challenges their views'. Is that not leading souls away from the Lord?

After all, Jesus chose to die - mankind did not force him. He chose to give a gift to man, to give grace, to atone for sins.

But why do you conclude that, for instance, saying homosexuality is not sinful is the equivalent of saying nothing is sinful? Eating meat on a Friday is no longer regarded as a sin, but we don;t thereby say nothing is a sin
Jane said…
Entirely agree with your opinion as expressed in this post.
Caroline said…
Yes. Why do so many priests and bishops seem to have such a hard time saying (and seemingly even understanding) this?
shadowlands said…
Forgive them Father,for they know not what we do.
I don't know any Catholics who eat meat on Fridays.

Mark, because the sin of the act of homosexuality is something for which the Lord Jesus suffered and died.

People who deny this deny the very meaning of the Cross. That is why they are not really Catholics in any true sense of the word. They're not really even Christians. Christians believe that Christ died for our sins.
We cannot say that He suffered and died for the robber, the thief, the adulterer, the murderer, the fornicator...Oh but He didn't die for the homosexual. No. Course He didn't. Because there's NOTHING wrong, sinful, immoral or unnatural about two men having sex.

To claim this is an insult to homosexuals and to Christ.
georgem said…
Well said, Laurence.

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