Times Columnist: People with Learning Disabilities Shouldn't Marry and Have Children

Minette Marrin of The Times has penned a piece which, dressed in honeyed words, reveals her to be a Nazi old piece of work...

'When my little sister was a child in the 1960s, we never said to her that she was mentally handicapped; no one in our family would ever have considered doing so. One day, though, when she was about 10, she received a visit from a social worker, as she did occasionally, perhaps because my mother was receiving money from the council, and this person left my sister in tears.

"She says I’m mentally handicapped,” said my sister, sobbing.

“What does that mean?” I asked, hoping the social worker had not said anything even more upsetting. “She says it means I can never get married and have children...”'

Read here for Marrin's compassionate feelings on the subject...I'll leave comments to commenters. Personally, I'm appalled. Her line of reasoning runs thusly...The State has less money because its a recession and there are bound to be cuts, so stop supporting people with learning disabilities who try to have a family because its expensive. The inference made, though not explicit is that people with learning disabilities should be sterilised or should they fall pregnant their babies should be aborted. This coming from someone whose sister has a learning disability. Well done, Minette...Marie Stopes would be proud of you, girl!