Gospoda Vita Restaurant!

Saturday night I went out for a lovely meal at Gospoda Vita Restaurant in Ealing. I promised them some free advertising on my blog. Great food, fun music and a cracking atmosphere...Looking back, it amounted to Richard Dawkin's idea of a terrible night out. Walking in to the restaurant one was suddenly transported to a mountainous region of Poland! The staff even had authentic 'mountainous region' clothing on which looked kind of like what the Austrian mountain people wear, only a bit different. What is more, one wonders how this wonderful place will fare when the next EU Court of Human Rights ruling comes about?!

A Crucifix adorned every wall, and dotted around the restaurant were images of Pope John Paul II, soon to be Venerable, I hear, as well as an Icon or two. On one side of the room was a large group of Poles celebrating the Baptism of one of their children and on the other, a huge wedding party celebrating a Polish couple united in the Sacrament of Marriage!

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian duo with a keyboard, PA and amp, mic'd up belted out Polish love songs and songs of celebration to keep both parties in the mood for a party. Thank God for those Poles whose faith is still so strong! I'd love to see Dawkins go in there for a meal and try and tell the Poles how to raise their children! Oh boy! I would imagine that proseltysing atheist would be asked to leave...and then some! "Come on, Dawkins, son...Let's take this outside!"