Misanthrope Calls for Culling of People

"Look. Wouldn't this picture look better if half of these people were eliminated and the surviving people would then more space? Plus, there'd be less emissions! If we then take this to the scale of a whole country, we can see that this model would have the same results on a countrywide basis. Then, let's look at the model when you look at it globally. If we reduce the number of people globally then..."

Johnathon Porrit, patron of the absurdly named Optimum Population Trust, who has such a high regard for people that he spends his life telling the World we need to eliminate more of them, has called for the UK population to fall to 30m so we can save the planet. It's amazing what diabolical ideologies a man can come up with this global warming/climate change stuff. Porrit, who clearly has gone slightly mad, is a Government adviser, by the way.

Porrit: "The planet's heating up, if we don't act soon, people will die."

Brown: "Oh my God! That's awful! What should we do?"

Porrit: "There's only one answer. Get rid of more people."

Brown: "Say, what?"

Is it me or are so called 'green' people just Nazis who like the countryside?

I know this sounds horrid and uncharitable, but if I ever saw him in a pub, I don't think I'd be able to overcome the temptation to walk up to him and kick him in the bollocks while making some reference to my hope that there was going to be one or possibly two less eugenicists in the World as a result. I dunno. Maybe he can't get it up or something and he's just taking his frustration out on everyone else...

See how easy it is for religious people to turn nasty?


Chris H said…
I think that's the most honest response to Porritt's outpourings I've seen. And the funniest!
Patricius said…
If he thinks such a cull is necessary will he set an example and remove himself?
Ronan said…
hahaha, nice one.