Two Pilgrimmage Sites in One Day? That's Just Plain Greedy

Today I visited two shrines in Kent, one in Aylesford called The Friars, which is Carmelite and dedicated to Our Lady and St Simon Stock. The other shrine I visited was the Shrine of St Jude in Faversham nearby. It was by pure chance I saw the signpost for The Friars in Aylesford and got there in the car just in time for Holy Mass. I wanted to visit the Shrine of St Jude as he is a favourite Saint of mine and had been making a Novena to him for 9 days. Unfortunately I didn't realise Novenas are meant to be made nine consecutive Sundays, not nine consecutive days in a row. I hope he still listened anyway. Today is the Feast of St Jude and St Simon.

The Friars of Aylesford, Kent


Anonymous said…
Nine days is alright, the original Novenna was Ascension day to Pentecost.

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