Saturday, 11 October 2008

Scary Unlawful Enemy Combatants


Sisters Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte have been "secretly branded as by Maryland State Police as terrorists" and placed on a national watch list” due to their participation in anti-war protest activities. They were added to the list after Maryland state police spied on them:

“This term terrorist is a really serious accusation,” Sister Ardeth, a nun for 54 years, told The Washington Times on Thursday in the first interview that the women have given since being informed they were among 53 people added to a terrorist watch list in conjunction with an extensive Maryland surveillance effort of antiwar activists.

“There is no way that we ever want to be identified as terrorists. We are nonviolent. We are faith-based,” she said. […] “Democracy is built on these elements on being able to speak out to speak what we believe is truth,” Sister Carol said.

The nuns said they were not involved in the protests that state police say they targeted. “The spying occurred during the administration of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., a Republican.

One individual on the comments board of this article left an amusing message:

"I’m sorry. BushCo is totally justified in placing these dangerous Peace-Nuns on the watch-list and branding them as terrorists.

Just look at them. They aren’t wearing uniforms! Unlawful Combatants!

And even if they *WERE* wearing their official Nun-Uniforms, a simple designation from the President or his appointee could make them into unlawful combatants, terrorists, or whatever designation the President needs to do his job to keep the world safe for the insanely rich community of people.

Will you let the Catholic Church get the bomb? So what if the CIA says that the Church isn’t working on getting nuclear weapons? They said the same thing about Iran! And we all know that Iran has a secret nuclear program– the news media tells us this every day! The CIA is just a silly bunch of bazootie heads.

These evil terrorist Peace-Nuns need to be dealt with, and we can’t let any god-damned piece of paper get in our way, whether it’s the Bible or the Constitution. Are you gonna let the Christ-O-Fascists put a mushroom cloud over one of our cities?"

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