Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Arrest at the Cathedral

Randall Terry meeting Pope John Paul II

In a worrying development in the US, Randall Terry a pro-Life activist has been arrested at St Thomas More Cathedral in Arlington Virginia, because he dared suggest that for Catholics to vote for Obama was morally not a good thing.

"It is with great grief that I report to you that I, Randall Terry, along with Brian Sherwood and Joseph Landry, were arrested on Respect Life Sunday, October 5, at St. Thomas More Cathedral in Arlington, Virginia. We were charged with trespass, held by the police for four hours, then released.We were arrested for handing out a pro-life brochure on the church parking lot entitled, Faithful Catholic Citizenship. Faithful Catholic Citizenship is based upon quotes from John Paul II from Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life.) Read it at www.humbleplea.com. (See link for Faithful Catholic Citizenship.)

The reason certain bishops find this literature alarming, is because it actually names Obama as a die hard supporter of child-killing. The argument is simple: since Obama would extend the murder of the innocent, a Catholic cannot vote for him with a clear conscience in this election. Certain bishops are hamstrung with the fear of losing their "tax-exempt status" if they name a candidate in an election cycle. So the name "Obama" is off limits, and so is any literature that names him.

The great irony is that we were arrested at St. Thomas More Cathedral. St.Thomas More was arrested, tried, and beheaded because he believed that the authority of the Church is not subject to the state. A greater irony still is that St. Thomas More refused to follow the English bishops in their servitude to Henry VIII. Those bishops betrayed God and the successor of St. Peter by their silence and obedience in the matter of Henry VIII's divorce, remarriage, and his hellish proclamation that he was the Supreme Head of the Church."

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Anonymous said...

The person in the picture with Fr. Pavone is the rev. Flip Benham not Mr. Terry

The Bones said...

Thanks will correct

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