Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Too Cold to Smoke or Even to Busk

I live in a flat where I cannot smoke because I live with my landlady and friend who is a non-smoker. I've just been outside for a fag and its too cold to stand out there smoking. Boo hoo. I've never tried to give up this the least of my vices and doubt I have the energy and willpower to do so. However, its freezing outside and smoking in arctic temperatures is not fun!

I've been doing more busking recently and have been trying to encourage a couple of people I know around town to use my exciting new busking amp (with microphone), but when it is so cold, busking is not fun either. Guitarists fingers suddenly start feeling numb and its not so nice and we only last about half an hour in town.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest thermals, gloves (fingerless for busking) & 2 pairs of socks? Not to mention hat, scarf & warm coat!

Do you have a shed you can go in? I'm lucky, I have an outside loo- also occupied by spiders!

However cold, the snow has been beautiful. I don't like the cold myself , but have learnt to love winter in all its glory -the weather is part of the creation after all. I hope we get more snow so I can go sledging at the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Will have to invest in gloves...No shed I'm afraid...Smokers are the banished minority. We can't even go in pubs now! Thank God for winter, yes, but pray for good Governments who make few laws.

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