Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Most Extreme Modern Beds

I have just recently moved to a room in Brighton and because the room is small, decided to get rid of my double bed. Until I address the situation I am on the floor with a camping rollmat. I'm surprised how well I am sleeping. Perhaps sleeping on the floor is actually the most comfortable bed after all. Looking up beds, I just found this amazing website of extreme modern beds. They are very expensive but quite humourous.

My favourite bed in this montage is the last one. Fed up of tossing and turning every night? Well, those days are over with the fixed position bed which doesn't give you the choice because if you tried to switch position you would fall out of bed, injuring yourself on a hard wooden floor.

Disappointing to think that the floor, a bed that sounds rather penitential, turns out to be the best nights sleep I had in ages, and I wonder if anyone can anyone think of anything more strict and mortifying. I live near the beach, so perhaps I need to gather a bed of pebbles which could stick into the small of my back or something, or perhaps a bed of cuttle fish?

Makes me wonder though, maybe if I don't need a bed, I don't need a house. That could certainly cut down on bills, council tax and rent. I mean if less is really more...I often wonder what St Joseph Benedict Labre's parents' reaction was when he more or less told them he wanted to become a homeless saint.

Saint: "Mother, Father, after much career counselling from Trappist Monasteries I have decided what I would like to do. I want to become a tramp."
Saint's parents: "Well, Joseph dear, you know we love you and support you and we only want you to be happy, dear...but have ever considered accountancy?"


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