Oops: Is Obama a Muslim?

I was chatting with a good friend of mine in the US today. Rumours that Obama is Muslim and not Christian as he has publicly maintained have not gone away. His refusal to produce an authenticated birth certificate which is an essential item to run for President of the United States only adds fuel to the fire. One could ask the question how on earth that at the same time as the US is fighting a 'War on Terror' against radical Islamic forces who wish only for the overthrow of the US, could the country's citizens be considering voting for someone who has appeared in photos in full Islamic dress as recently as the 1980s. If it were true that he was Christian and not Muslim, Muslim leaders globally would be calling for his head because as he was born to a Muslim father, to renounce Islam is punishable by death. The fact is he is welcomed by Muslim leaders worldwide and they seem rather fond of him. My friend, who is usually correct on his hunches, predicts that he will announce his true faith once he assumes the Presidency at his inauguration. If he has been deliberately concealing the fact that he is Muslim, we are all in for big problems!

This link is by someone who has done some research into his Islamic connections.


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